How’d The Show Go?
–Selah Int’l Jahtentic Jam Sessions

By: SD Liz
It was Saturday, September 24th in Downtown, San Diego. Selah International was having a music show with Tribal Theory, Hooliganz, Teki, and Zhen. Matt from the band Seedless hosted the event, and DJ Dash Eye was mixing reggae tunes.

Tribal Theory has been presented before to NUG Mag readers. We brought them to you earlier this year when they played a show at Winston’s in Ocean Beach with J Boog, and more recently at the Vans Warped Tour. The band started this show with their R&B/reggae/hip-hop style and definitely pumped a growing crowd. They always seem to bring people to the floor with their mix of genres. Vocals came from Seuko Hawkins, Ajay Blount, Dominic Blas, and Nico Tuilesu, which caused a diverse mix of sounds, especially with Dominic playing his ukulele.
The Hooliganz announced they were a band from South Bay L.A./Orange County. They produce classic reggae music, especially that of roots/rock/reggae. They, too, got the crowd going with their reggae music, which included conscientious lyrics, noticeable basslines, good saxophone play, and talk about making it in Babylon. I have to say they were the band that riled up the crowd the most, which is probably why they stayed on stage for so long!

Next up was Teki from Utah. The solo artist and his guest band produced R&B and soul sounds. It was a little different because the solo artist had strong vocals, and the band backed him up. Again, there was an island type of sound with romance in the music, and it was obvious Selah International was featuring island-style music.

Selah Int’l Co. was represented in the final band of the night, Zhen. They started by playing instrumentals, which included the use of a bongo by the President of the company with his partner on drums. The band played reggae/rock music, which carried island tones. Some of their music reminded me of soul music from the 1970s, including that of Motown Records. I also felt strong island vibes and R&B romance music.

bringing you that fire! stay tune for more posts.

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