How’d The Show Go? Buck-O-Nine and The Aggrolites

By: SD Liz


Buck-O-Nine and The Aggrolites played at the Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach, CA. It was Friday night and a show like this deserves a toast of some type of drink. Buck-O-Nine is a legendary ska/punk band from San Diego who played in the mid-‘90s when the original Sublime was hitting up Southern Cali’s music scene too. And The Aggrolites are well-known for their “dirty reggae.” The crowd for this show, which took place on September 9th, was amazing too!

Buck-O-Nine is well-known in San Diego. If you haven’t heard of them, visit their website right now at Otherwise, you know them! At the time, Buck-O-Nine had a different kind of ska sound during the post-grunge era. This band still carries amazing bass lines, superb horns, and amazing vocals. It was refreshing to hear their music, especially because it was clean and classic.

The Aggrolites took to the stage after Buck-O-Nine and the crowd was ready to keep skankin’ . The Aggrolites have amazing fans who know their “dirty reggae.” Basically, the band brings early-style reggae, rockabilly, and funk to the scene – wow, what a mix! The use of an organ is a trip and Jesse Wagner is an entertaining front-man, especially when he told all the “crazy people in the front” to make some noise…and they did! The best part was when Wagner worked up the crowd with their self-pronounced Dirty Reggae! Their fans raged at this, and you bet they demanded an encore. Songs included “Work To Do,” “Someday,” and of course, “Dirty Reggae;” and for the encore, they covered The Beatles’ “Don’t Let Me Down” in which the crowd sang along too. The most memorable part was when they gave a shout-out to a man who lost a tooth from the soft mosh-pit during Buck-O-Nine.

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