How’d The Show Go? Mystic Roots Band

How’d The Show Go?
By: sandieganliz

On Thursday, June 2nd, Mystic Roots performed at Winston’s Beach Club in Ocean Beach, San Diego. Originally from Chico, California, this band has performed all over the states since 1999 with top artists in the reggae scene, including Pato Banton, Gregory Isaacs, and the Original Wailers. According to their website,, after quite a switch in members, the band is now based out of San Diego and consists of “Cootdog, Katherine, Dane, Scott and Alec.” This new group combines roots reggae with hip-hop head on.

Ease Up, a band from San Diego with members originally from L.A., kicked off the night. Their reggae/rock sound suited the show well. I like their relaxed-sounding vocals, which not only incorporate meaningful lyrics, but suit the rock portion of their music as well! Some favorite songs, which they played, include, “Broken Pieces,” “Now and Then,” and “Blowin’ Up My Phone,” with the latter song due out soon on a new EP.

Mystic Roots hit the stage next with their vibrant reggae style. They definitely carry a roots reggae sound, and Katherine adds a lot to the music as a vocalist. According to “The History” portion of the MRB website, Katherine is from American Idol, Season 7. The founder and keyboardist, Cootdog, sings too, and so does their bass player. It is nice to hear this switch off; however, “Kat” adds a lot to the songs as a backup vocalist, especially when they covered Dawn Penn’s “You Don’t Love Me” as a backup melody in one of their songs. A standout song was “Never Been Better,” with its nice reggae drops and sweet vocals provided by Kat. In fact, much of their music consists of classic reggae drops and sounds. It’s when they hit their music with hip-hop that the atmosphere changes. For instance, they played “I Got 5 On It” and that immediately changed the mood. They threw down that classic hip-hop song, went back to their reggae music, and then went into a hip-hop song of their own called “Lifestyle,” which featured Marko, a guest artist.

Mystic Roots’ set was short, and that’s because they played second on stage. A band from Ukiah, California called Top Shelf was celebrating a CD they recently released on May 24th. Top Shelf is a reggae/rock band with great lyrics, sound, and vibe. Their music speaks of positivity, life, and hope, and it also carries a hip-hop influence. In fact, Top Shelf had a hip-hop moment as well with a guest MC spitting rhymes. While on the tour with Mystic Roots, Top Shelf enlisted Cootdog to help out with keys, backing vocals, and adding some “coot-style” verses. They also had Katherine back them on their song “Waiting”. Mystic Roots and Top Shelf inspire the feeling and message of reggae, which is hope, unity, and praise. They also hit their audience with more urban beats by playing some hip-hop. This combination is enjoyable for anyone with an appreciation for both genres.

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Mystic Roots is an accomplished band with a deep history. They were the supporting band for Pato Banton and continue to tour all over the states. Their latest CD, “Cali-Hi,” was #4 on iTunes’ Reggae Chart during its debut week. Members of Mystic Roots have come and gone, but their love of reggae is the one thing that has kept this band going.

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