How’d The Show Go? Showcase at Soma

By: sandieganliz

On Saturday, June 4th, SOMA in Point Loma showcased some local bands, including Mad Traffic, Bedford Grove, Tribal Theory, and a hip-hop/rock band called Pyramid. This band was cool with four MCs, a guitarist, and electro beats provided by a laptop, which sounds weird, but it turned out great! Simple Green and Neveready were other bands also featured in the showcase, with Neveready from La Jolla as the headliner.

Simple Green went on first. I missed their reggae set, but arrived to some rock music provided by Mad Traffic. This group of five rocks an alternative style of music, which speaks about hope, goals, and experiences. The instrumentals were fluid and the overall feel was a kind of emo/electronic rock.

Pyramid went on next, and then a band called Bedford Grove. This band had a great funk/rock sound. It was a bit similar to Jamiroquai. The keyboardist/singer obviously ran the show, and the girl’s backup vocals gave the music a great, sultry edge. However, the most enjoyable parts of the music were the horns and bass.

Prior to the headliner, Tribal Theory took the stage.  This band plays reggae/hip-hop and always stirs up the crowd. This time a train of people developed while they were performing a cover of “Shout.”

Neveready closed the show and gave a great performance. This ska/punk band is an entertaining group of musicians. They entertained the all-ages crowd and had fans softly mosh pitting. The band had three horns: the saxophone, trombone, and trumpet, a lead vocalist, a guitarist, a bass player, a drummer, and a guest MC. The song that really stood out to me was “Qué Onda Guey.” They played it as an instrumental and had the crowd shouting out the lyrics, which were written on big cardboard signs. Towards the end, the band threw out random finger lights that gave the show a nice glow. Good performance, guys!

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