How’d The Show Go? Synrgy

By: SD Liz

On Wednesday, September 14, Synrgy played with Tommy Dubs at Club Kingston, a free reggae show at Winston’s Beach Club in Ocean Beach, San Diego. Synrgy was visiting from Ashland, Oregon, where the band is now based since leaving Humboldt County. The band plays dub reggae rock, and they are pretty good at it. They use classic reggae keys, a headless bass for dubbing, and they have fantastic reggae drops. At one point, the singer Brian, used a melodica in a song. Two songs were also ska/rock. I must state, the drums were a bit overpowering in relation to the rest of the instruments in the beginning and end of the set, and the two rock songs kind of threw off the reggae playlist. Overall though, the music was solid, the reggae was classic, and the lyrics were for the most part, conscientious.

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