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San Diego’s own Tribal Seeds was at Soundwave in Mission Beach on April 16th. They performed a SOLD-OUT show with The Divine Crime and Through The Roots supporting them. Tribal Seeds are well-loved for their strong tribal-sounding reggae; and with emphasis in politics and cannabis, it is understandable why their seeds keep growing and growing. They also express a romantic side with songs like “Beautiful Mysterious,” “Love Psalm,” and “Island Girl.” NUG Magazine was there to catch the show and its rowdy crowd.

The Divine Crime came down from Los Angeles. With nine members on stage, this band blew the crowd away with their female-led music. Vocalist Amee Divine and two backup singers carry a strong, sultry sound; and having a girl keyboardist adds more to the heavy female influence. There is no doubt that this band can rock their roots reggae out too! The vocals, however, are the band’s strongest point because not only are they rich, but Amee’s vocals add a captivating R&B flavor. This combination makes for their rich reggae sound.

Through The Roots and back again; NUG Magazine was lucky enough to run into these California guys again with their popular Cali-reggae sound and that “freeze” they do. I gotta give them credit for it because they do it well, even with a photographer on stage this time! I state “this time” because NUG Magazine just caught the band with The Green (featured in last month’s issue). This was back on March 24th at another sold-out show in San Diego where the band opened prior to The Green and did their “freeze.” Their music is enjoyable,  progressive, and appears contagious because their music is spreading, especially with being on tour with Tribal Seeds.

While I was waiting for Tribal Seeds to come on stage, I decided to hit the packed dance floor. I ran into someone named Nez and asked if he wanted to tell the magazine something about the show so far. He said, “This show is off the hook, off the hinges; put it right back, so the door can hang. We got all the different kinds of strains, but Tribal Seeds…grow it, get it, and inhale it.” Obviously, he was a Tribal Seeds fan among many. A sold-out show means the venue is packed with fans – duh!  However, when one observes the crowd and takes a good look at how they react to the music, they’ll notice there is no place to stray – so keep your place and make it a good one. Second, the dance floor is the best spot because you’re up close and personal; however, it’s not the best spot to dance. And third, everyone is having a good time or should be. This show was precisely that, people were everywhere doing all kinds of things – dancing, cheering, standing, crowd-watching, and even sitting. The latter always surprises me because as a music fanatic, music moves me too much to be sitting; though at times, I have sat to watch a show, but only because I was really tired. I was up the whole time at this show, watching the crowd and finding spots to dance.  Fans were jumping up and down, cheering, and singing along. Others were simply standing or sitting the whole time and watching. Then some people appeared to just be watching the crowd.

Tribal Seeds hit the stage and the crowd roared as they started singing, “She says she wants to ride in my car / Girl you must mistaken me for a rock star / I’m just a simple man who loves the roots, ah.” Of course this is their song, “Love Psalm” – one of the best tracks on their latest CD, The Harvest. This song demonstrates their raw style, which is like a declaration that they are here to stay.  Other great songs, which got a high crowd reaction, were “All I Know,” “Beautiful Mysterious,” “Away,” and “Vampire” – with the latter having the singer of Through The Roots join in and freestyle. While Tribal Seeds was on stage, I tried navigating through the dance floor. It was so packed that it took minutes to cross from one area to the next. Tribal Seeds fans are serious when it comes to packing the floor, singing along, throwing hands up in the air, and cheering. One of the best crowds I have seen! And for you NUG Magazine readers who are hardcore Tribal Seeds fans, you should know they sang their song, “Herby.”

Tribal Seeds are a much-loved San Diego band that brings their music hard. Their fans are a force to be reckoned with. They take their shows seriously, making sure to get the best spot and stay there. And they’ll show you no mercy when it comes to them jumping up and down, singing along, and cheering. Perhaps this was because Tribal Seeds was in their hometown or because the band brings it out with their hard roots style. Either way, plan on Tribal Seeds to keep growing!

Make sure to check out Tribal Seeds at their next ALL AGES show on July 9th at SOMA!

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