How’d The Show Go? Fortunate Youth

By: SD Liz

Fortunate Youth is a band from the South Bay of Los Angeles, California. Their music consists of roots reggae pumped up with astounding energy and great lyrics, which makes them hard to miss at any show. The band recently traveled south to Mission Beach, San Diego to headline a Polynesian Underground event with Ikaika Beamer, Thicker than Thieves, and HI Roots. The band started with a couple of brand new tracks called “Some Might Say” and “Trippin” from their latest full-length album Irie State of Mind. Then, they went right into “Burn One”, an amazing song about “rolling one up” to “pass it around”. I have to admit that even though Dan Kelly was the solo vocalist on stage this time, the order of songs was great due to the way it elevated, seemingly calmed, and then fully energized the audience again. Other songs included “Skankin”, “Love Is The Most High”, their version of “Legalize It”, “Reggae Radio”, and my favorites “Earthquake” and “Sweet Love”, with the band usually ending their set with the latter to send their audience home in a sweet mood!

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