Hydroponics can Save the World!

By: The SD OG Grower

What’s the most common term that comes to mind when someone mentions hydroponics? –Probably pot or growing marijuana. Well, the truth is that a lot more of the produce you’re purchasing is hydroponically grown, which is around 70% of the produce in your local grocery store. And there is definitely a lot more marijuana being grown outdoors with soil than indoors with hydroponics. It’s just another method or tool for growing plants!

Hydroponics is a method of growing plants using mineral nutrient solutions, in water, without soil, which is by no means new to our society or world. It can be traced back to the Aztecs and Mayans who grew in rows flooded with water several times a week. For the last 30 years or so, hydroponics has been attracting a lot of attention and research; however, most people are not seeing it as the only option to save and feed the world, or as a more viable means of growing plants, but they should!

Part of it is the government that controls us; basically, a criminal enterprise that controls the drug trade. They do not like drugs that can be grown here or anything that is not imported! –Obviously, it’s much harder to control something that is grown within our borders, rather than transported into our country! And because hydroponics is more widely associated with marijuana than any other plant (even though it is so far from the truth; tomatoes or lettuce alone surpass hydroponic marijuana), it is given a bad reputation and is not known for its great benefits or capabilities in being the only possible way to feed the world. Instead, it is looked at as drug paraphernalia. All hydroponic equipment, nutrients, and supplies are actually required to have federal and state licenses and permits to purchase; and are being federally regulated and controlled. This has already happened in Finland, Australia, and a few other countries. It has also been propositioned in the northwestern states of the USA.

The bottom line is that hydroponics is a more advanced, efficient, conservative, and environmentally friendly way of growing produce or food for the masses. Zeitgeistmovie.com (film #3) even mentions hydroponics as the only solution for food production in this overpopulated world. With water and land becoming such a demand (with less of it for agriculture), new methods of growing are being developed to not only grow the produce, but to mechanically harvest and package it as well – not allowing for ANY human contamination or diseases. Automatic, self-contained grow boxes are already being developed in other countries to grow in desserts and barren lands with no natural resources. Simply plug the boxes or containers into a power source (either solar, wind, or a generator) and one can grow produce inside a container in the middle of the dessert. Ranchers in Australia have been doing this for years, due to the water shortages, to feed their cattle and live stock. They grow fodder feed or grass in refrigerated, environmentally controlled shipping containers, and they can grow this anywhere!

Well, the same thing is going on now with the research and development of new systems, lighting, power sources, growing methods, organic and non-organic nutrients (the term organic is an absolute joke in hydroponics and really shows the need for education in most growers on nutrients and organics) – it is improving all the time.

There are two different markets out there when it comes to hydroponics. One is the so-called “hobbyist industry” or “pot growers industry,” and the second is the professional greenhouse commercial hydroponics industry. These commercial industries grow thousands of acres of hydroponic produce, and we import a majority of our hydroponic produce from Canada, Mexico and other countries. But why don’t we grow more if it’s a better way to grow? –It’s healthier and more nutritional with fewer chances of disease than soil-grown crops. Hydroponics has a negative reputation because of its first industry, the “pot growers industry.” If we want to change this, we need to start with proper education, research and development.

The fact of the matter is that 1% of our population, including our government, controls and owns over 97% of America’s money and wealth. And because drugs are such a big business for large corporations, there is no reason for them to legalize marijuana. It’s all about the money, even with most prison systems that are privately owned. The more people they have in jail, the more their company stocks are worth on Wall Street! This is wrong on top of the fact that the C.I.A. has been caught on numerous occasions (including being the main supplier to the godfather of crack, Ricky Ross) bringing in and distributing most of the drugs coming into this country. Since marijuana is mostly grown at home and the government can’t make any money on it, it’s easy to understand why they don’t want to legalize it. By being illegal, it’s a much more profitable business for the government. Here’s a funny little fact about heroin: before 9/11, Afghanistan produced about 4% of the world’s heroin supply. After we invaded Afghanistan, the heroin or opium supply increased to about 96%, causing an epidemic in heroin abuse and huge profits for the drug trade by the government.

Marijuana has been proven to be the most harmless drug known to man with zero deaths! Also, it has more textile uses than any other plant, it produces more oxygen in a shorter amount of time than any other plant, it is the strongest natural fiber, and it has the potential to replace over 50 different pharmaceutical drugs that cause addictions, withdrawals, and even deaths! So why is it still federally illegal? Why is the government spending millions, if not billions, of our tax dollars on fighting what 70% of the population want legal and decriminalized? – Money, profit, corporate greed!

Many of our products are produced in China, stealing money from our economy and leaving us with cheap, shitty-quality products. You get what you pay for when it comes to your grow gear and the quality of product you grow – and also the quality of product available on the market. A grower gets less for his product, so he buys cheaper products to grow!

This is why I’ve always liked and preferred IGS in San Diego as my store to shop at and learn from. They’re not only a retail garden shop, but they also own and operate a 100 ft. commercial greenhouse for research and development. They work with industry-leading companies like Heavy 16 Nutrients, Canna Nutrients, Quantum Lighting, RTI Organics, Green Grow Organics, No Spider Mites and SNS Natural Organic Pest Controls, and Kessil LED Lighting – all with major research and development invested into their products. They test and try out only the best products before they offer them to their customers, so they know firsthand the real knowledge of growing plants!

Hydroponics is not only the future of our food production; it is our medical supply of cannabis. It also produces healthier food and herbs for consumption and medicine. You have to admit, a plant that can replace over 50 pharmaceutical pills, cure numerous illnesses and diseases, and be a great source of energy, fuel, medicine, fiber and textiles – should be legal! It should definitely be researched and developed much more through hydroponics, legalization, and the support of our government! If the government really cared about us, wouldn’t they want to explore and legalize this natural God-given medicine? Does it not make sense that greed is the reason why they don’t legalize it or research it more? Just think about it? Can you think of a plant that has more natural, useful, and non-damaging effects than cannabis? I can’t!

bringing you that fire! stay tune for more posts.

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