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HYDROPONICS: Growing plants without soil. The key is a complete nutrient that is water soluble, including trace elements. Grow lights along with the efficiency of controlled environment gardening.

ADVANTAGES OF HYDROPONICS: Faster growth, no weeds, no pests (since most pests live and breed in soil), and great plant quality and taste.

There are two major requirements that can make gardening all year long possible and easy to do in the home. First is controlling the environment including temperature and lighting. Second is controlling the plants and their nutrition. Both are done very easily and can be done in small spaces. Of course when growing indoors, lighting is one of the most important concerns. With the new technology in grow lights, it’s just like bringing a piece of the sun indoors, and your electric bill does not have to go through the roof to grow plants in your controlled environment. Using these highly efficient light systems, you can control the length of day and the intensity of light to get faster growth, even in the short winter days. You can extend the season to grow your vegetables or flowers all year long. In many cases, the indoor environmental control is already done by the heating and air conditioning systems. The rule of thumb is; if it is comfortable for you, it’s comfortable for your plants. Hydroponic gardening is one of the keys to easily satisfying the nutrient requirements of your plants. Hydroponics is simply growing plants in water and nutrients, without soil. A hydroponic garden is very clean. Without soil, there are no weeds, so a hydroponic garden does not require any toxic sprays. Without soil there are no soil born pests. Since most pests live and breed in soil, there is no need to use any pesticides. Natural pest controls can be used if any stray or flying insects get near your garden. Often, all that is required to get started is a small hydroponic garden system. If you have a solar room, south facing windows, patio, or a greenhouse, a small garden system may be all you need. If you’re short on sunshine, a high intensity light or a LED grow light set up can easily solve that problem. So, for profit or for fun you can grow your favorite specialty herbs and plants organically, at home, all year long, including the winter months.

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