Ice Cream Cake – Strain Review


Ice Cream Cake – Strain Review

(Gelato 33x Wedding Cake )

Grown By @herhighgarden 

Bred by @seedjunky_jbeezy 

This will be my second go-around with ICC this time by the beautiful and dedicated cultivator (herhighgarden) 🌱🌸. I had my eye on this cultivator since I came on here. Her work looked amazing and I just had to find out how good it was. The classic tale of if you want something in this life work hard to achieve and manifest it no matter what it is.

Let’s start with a look and bud structure.  She leaned to the gelato 33 parent as she is just covered in beautiful purple shades throughout. The lighter shades of purple seem to be lower on the underside of the buds. And contrasted on those beautiful purple shades are splotches of these amazing green sugar leaves that really add to this lady’s look. I included the best real light pics I had, This lady shines in the sunlight. I also added 3 videos at the end two of which are of one Z of Nugs just sticking together because of all the trichomes really pretty you’re gonna want to swipe right on this one.

Let’s move to the terpene profile. When I first acquired this lady she was fresh out the curing jar literally. The smell I first got in the jar was Gassy AF with a slight vanilla hint. I had a good amount so as time went on the smell changed over to a complete vanilla bean flavor with a hint of gas. I believe she cured even more in my possession and the final destination of her flavors were set. When the buds get ground up a beautiful floral scent comes out. The smoke is much of the same all the flavors translate to beautiful floral notes. Ashes were white as can be all the way through.

The High✈️. Very euphoric, cerebral and relaxing most gelato crosses give me hurts if energy and euphoria I did 4 hours of yard work after smoking this one. She leaned hybrid for me and the high is very potent and will last and linger on for hours. @seedjunky_jbeezy Never seems to disappoint and @herhighgarden Nailed this one. Huge thank you to her and everyone else involved in this one.


Enjoying the finest medicine there is. Enjoy my reviews!

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