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By: SD OG Grower

If you’re living in CA, or especially SD, then you are aware that the nutritional value of our produce and foods is more important than ever! Farmers of all crops are feeling the hard times of the economy with the inventory of produce they are having trouble getting rid of. But not all farmers and growers are having these problems. The old school, passionate, knowledgeable growers are still doing just fine. Their market is thriving because they produce a product that is unique, of the highest nutrition levels, best fragrances and aromas, etc.; basil plants glistening with oil glands, and strawberry plants and other berries so sweet that they taste like sugar. Not all produce is the same, and that’s why you may pay more at a whole foods market; it tastes a lot better and is a lot healthier for you. It doesn’t matter if you’re growing lettuce, berries, tomatoes, peppers, or any kind of flower or produce; people want the highest quality and will pay more for it! You get what you pay for in life, especially with the produce and food, or nutrition, we put in our bodies.

One of my last articles was “How to be a Top Shelf Grower” and a lot of it focused more on the environment and building of the room itself. However, the nutrition we feed our plants is equally as important as the environment and room.  The nutrition we put in our bodies and the foods we eat makes a world of difference in how we feel and perform. I also wrote articles on using fresh organic microbial teas to inoculate your medium and plants with the proper microbial life and enzymes to create a living, healthy, thriving eco-system in the root zone. My good friend Scott learned most, if not all, of what he knows from his partner Mike who runs the commercial division of IGS, which focuses on small scale greenhouses and operating their own 100’ greenhouse that they use for research and development for all types of nutrients, microbial beneficials and additives. IGS also runs a commercial greenhouse for produce that they often have for sale at their store in Pacific Beach. Because IGS’s greenhouse focuses a lot on research and development, companies often have them test and run products for whatever crops are growing at the time. Often, they hook me up with a custom batch of nutrients or teas to run and test for them, and I’ve got to say that whatever they’re brewing up and doing is working with AMAZING RESULTS!

Besides just having great products, and a great grow room and environment, you still need to be educated and know and understand your plants, how they work, what they like, and what does what. There are so many different nutrient lines out there, but most of them are the EXACT same. If you read the back label, you’ll notice that most of them are derived from the same ingredients. But if we’re consuming the produce we’re growing, wouldn’t it make sense to understand the quality of ingredients in our nutrients? Be educated enough to know what is good and healthy for our plants, and on the other side, which additives out there are toxic and carcinogenic; as in yes, they can cause cancer! Many pesticides out there are not for use on EDIBLE crops, or crops for human consumption, but your local shop probably didn’t mention that to you. They probably just told you to spray this and your bugs will go away. And they forgot to mention that it could also cause cancer in humans if ingested in any way!

The main problem with the foods we eat today and the produce being sold and consumed is that, for the most part, they are not of the highest nutritional value, not even close. The strawberries, lettuce, and all of the other produce I have tried from IGS’s farm has been the sweetest, tastiest, most nutritional and healthiest produce I have ever eaten! But why? –Because of the knowledge, education, and understanding of the plants that Mike has and uses to run the greenhouse. It’s because of his knowledge from growing without soil for over 30 years, learning how to create a healthier and more nutritional product. Scott has taught basic introduction growing classes and had great turn outs, and now IGS is starting a learning/teaching institute in 2012! Mike will be teaching the classes with some of the industry’s leading representatives, who are ALL VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE, TOP SHELF HORTICULTURALISTS!

I advise EVERYONE TO GO TO IGShydro.com and look for the Pre-Enrollment for a FREE introductory course link and register as soon as possible! They will be giving courses on all aspects of growing, teaching special growing tips and techniques to customers, educating them about the proper way to grow plants, and sharing the overall understanding of plants that leads you to becoming a top shelf grower. The growers I know, including myself, who have been running some of their new products (not available yet), have all reported better weights and the best produce they have ever seen: healthier plants with much larger, healthier root structures, tighter internodal spacing, and just better harvests and plants overall. If you want to take your garden to the next level and be a part of the ELITE GROWERS, then you need to check out IGShydro.com and sign up for the Pre-Enrollment Introduction Growers Course; it’s FREE! What other company cares enough to create an actual learning center, or teaching institute, to make sure that growers understand, keep learning, and get the most and best out of their garden?

Education and knowledge is the most important recipe for success in ANYTHING you do in life. And I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about when I say that normal, average fruit or produce available in MOST stores, clubs or markets is not of the greatest quality, nutritional value, or taste! Just like our bodies, we are what we eat. Meaning, if all you eat is junk food and fast food, then that is bad for you; it has little, if NO, real nutritional value. It is doing nothing but clogging up your system and polluting it with poisons! The same goes for plants; they will taste like what they were fed: the nutrients and quality of the water they were given. By understanding a plant’s needs through nature and Natural Plant Science, we can grow the healthiest, most nutritional, and sweetest tasting fruits and vegetables. It’s possible; it’s the way nature intended it to taste.

bringing you that fire! stay tune for more posts.

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