The Southern Oregon based funk/reggae fusion trio Indubious is comprised of Spencer Burton (bass, vocals) his younger brother Evan Burton (keyboards, vocals) and drummer Matthew T. Wells. The Burton brothers, Bay Area transplants, rounded out the distinctive Indubious sound with Ashland native, Wells.
Indubious has been building a following in the Northwest over the past few years with positive messages in their music, live shows and community outreach. Indubious is described as powerful, epic, and uplifting in not only sound and lyrics, but in pure energy and spirit in which they disseminate their positive messages. The Indubious sound  is a combination of roots reggae, powerful lyrical ability, angelic Crosby, Stills and Nash style harmonies with the clarity and intention reminiscent of The Beatles, backed by a bass player commonly referred to as “the next Les Claypool,” a virtuosic keyboard phenom; and a drummer with an ear for perfection.
The Burton brothers have shared a very special bond since birth. Not only are they best friends with the same passion for making music, but they were both born with Cystic Fibrosis, a genetic disorder affecting their respiratory system. The brothers look upon the disease as a gift, giving rise to a whole new way of thinking and living for them and their faithful fans. “Indubians,” have adopted the unofficial motto of “Live Indubiously,” meaning living life without doubt and fear and a full respect for all things, good and bad.
“We are here to share our message with the world and show people that we all write our own story in life and that absolutely anything is possible,” says Evan. “As long as you eliminate the doubt and fear that our society and culture thrives off of.” Spencer and Evan claim the circumstances in their lives have made them who they are today and they would not change anything.
“We have always felt that that the best outlet for our message would be through music and to see this all materializing for us is more than we ever could have asked for,” says Spencer. “If we could help just one person through our music then it would all be worthwhile but to see the response that we are getting and the potential impact we could have on the world is leaving us amazed and humbled.”
Their ability to transcend boundaries is unparalleled with fans ranging every generation. “Finding Indubious is like finding that great comedian who doesn’t cuss; who you can listen to with your Grandma, and know you will both enjoy it,” says Wells.

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