Interview with Pepper

By. Courtney Pakalolo

I’m here with the boys from the band PEPPER who are currently residing in sunny Southern California. Meet Pepper: Bret Bollinger, Kaleo Wasman, and Yesod Williams, three young innovative minds mixed with divine inspiration from the Hawaiian Islands.

NUG: How are you gentlemen doing tonight?
Kaleo: Just fine thank you.

NUG: Let me just say that I am super amped about the album you’re recording, tell me about it. Do you have a favorite song on the album? Can you give me a sneak peek at some lyrics? When can we expect to see it drop?
Kaleo: Excellent. We have been working on the new album and having a blast.  This is the first time since Kona Town that we have actually recorded without touring during the process, so we are very happy with the outcome. As of now the songs are still in prep, so it’s a little early to pick faves, but we will be sharing the process of making an album on all of our multimedia outlets such as facebook, myspace, and bandcamp. The most current avenue, the Pepper app for the iphone, will let you see us doing our thing and get a sneak peek at some music and lyrics.

NUG: When and where can San Diegans see you play next?
Kaleo: Most likely this summer. We are in studio mode right now.

NUG: What do you hit up while you’re visiting Diego?
Kaleo: Ha!!! Great question. Well, always Nozomi in Carlsbad, best uni we’ve ever had. Also in Carlsbad, Hensley’s Pub, owned by Matt Hensley, a great friend of ours from Flogging Molly. After a cold surf, it is freezing for Hawaiians, we like to head to Johnny Manana’s for burritos in O-side and we also like the drinks at 3rd Corner in Encinitas.

NUG: You guys are from Hawaii. I’m planning on going soon. What is a must see?
Kaleo: …Ummmm, too much to see. If you’re a chick, meet a local waiter or beach boy to take you around the aina (land). If you’re a guy, do a detailed background check before going anywhere with a local chick, you never know who her older brothers are! Na, Na, only a joke, but Na… really.

NUG: Where was the first show you played in San Diego? Do you have a favorite venue here?
Kaleo: Wow… first show? I would have to say Winston’s in O.B. with Slightly Stoopid or maybe Hana Sushi Bar? I’m not 100% sure. We were extra sauced back then.

NUG: How long have the three of you known each other? How did Pepper come to be?
Kaleo: We all grew up together with the same friends that we still hang with. A lot of us are in Hawaii but it doesn’t matter, the bond of our island and our friendship stays strong. It is pure magic on the islands. Everyone who gets it knows it, and if you don’t get it, get out. Even our friends who have moved on to pursue other ventures out of Hawaii, who grew up there, find local people to connect with. Whether to talk, story or just to get some pidgin in rotation again. It is truly beautiful to know what we are from.

NUG: Who writes the songs?
Kaleo: Our writing process is unique for every song.  Some ideas are complete, some half complete, just a string of chords with no direction. Sometimes there are lyrics, no music and vice-versa, and some are made on the spot at sound check. Music visits you; you can try to knock on her door but she most likely won’t answer. You wait until she is ready to see you.

NUG: I want to know what you listen to, what’s played the most on your ipods?
Kaleo: In my ipod…currently in rotation is a collection of songs that Robbie Shakespeare put on a jump drive for me of different dancehall artists.

NUG: What is something most of your fans don’t know about you?
Kaleo: That we have a record label with some of the greatest bands we’ve seen in awhile…Supervillains, Passafire, and recently signed Iration. Be on the lookout for these kids, they are the next wave.

NUG: Alright let’s talk nugs. Do you have a favorite strand?
Kaleo: “NER CRON” or the “Don Wesley “

NUG: Sativa or Indica?
Kaleo: What time of day?

NUG: What is your marijuana word of choice, for example: pot, ganja, nug, weed?
Kaleo: There are certain things you need to call different names all the time, marijuana is one, another is money, cash, dough, quid, paper. Another example is girls, chicks, aunties, honey girl, and HOLY SHIT THAT CHICK IS MEAN BAH!!! So call everything by its right name at the right time.

NUG: What is your favorite way to enjoy Mary Jane?
Kaleo: Vapo all the way.

NUG: What are you’re views on wake and bake?
Kaleo: Coffee first.

NUG: Okay lets wrap this up, I could ask you questions for days. Is there anything you want to ask NUG?
Kaleo: Did you bring any gifts for us?

bringing you that fire! stay tune for more posts.

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