Introducing Full On, an Organic Biostimulant for Bigger, Healthier, Faster Grows!

By: The SD OG Grower

I know you have seen all the different nutrients, additives, and supplements on the shelves at your local gardening store. These days it looks more like a wine and beer selection. –Hundreds of choices to choose from with all of them saying the same thing, claiming to have the same results with the same, if not similar, ingredients. I’ve mentioned many times that my favorite nutrients are Canna, Botanicare, Heavy 16 Nutrients, and several others. Canna uses pharmaceutical grade salts to make their nutrients, which is basically a much purer refined form of the minerals and salts that make up a nutrient. The purer they are, the more absorbable the minerals are to the plant, or a much better absorption rate!

Well, we found a product that beats the competition! My friend Scott at IGS Hydro in San Diego got a couple of samples in the mail from a new company and it sparked his interest, especially because it was an all organic bio-stimulant! Like he does with many of his new products, Scott asked me to check it out and run it on a few plants. WOW!!! HOLY SHIT!!! I have never seen a product that allows me to cut my nutrient strength in half and produce such a dark, lush green, healthy, vigorous plant. There was such a noticeable difference in less than 72 hours!

It’s a new product called “Full On,” an Organic Biostimulant for Bigger, Healthier, Faster Grows! It uses 2 ml per liter, and it’s made up of high concentrations of Humic and Fulvic Acids, Rhamnolipids, Marine Plants, Enzymes and Micronutrients. It’s like nothing I have ever seen!

Full On gives up to a 20% faster growth, a 75% boost in health, it promotes nutrient uptake, suppresses diseases, chelates fertilizers, and deactivates toxins. Basically, it is like an organic, healthy RED BULL for plants!!! It boosts the plant’s overall health and immune system, and it allows for a much higher absorption rate and percentage for nutrient uptake. –This cuts nutrient usage by up to 50%!  Full On is an organic food grade ingredient supplement that will make a huge difference in your garden.

IGS is actually working with Grow Switch to fine tune the formula, and it will ONLY be available at your finest garden shops and stores! Look for Full On with the IGS logo on the bottle to recognize the new and improved formula that should be made available on the market by the end of the month, or about the time when you read this article.

Full On is one of the breakthrough miracle products of the decade, and I think every grower should be using it. Whether in soil, hydro, coco, or whatever style of growing you like, Full On will definitely improve your plant’s overall health and immune system, giving the plant the ability to reach its maximum capability in sugar and brinx levels – basically giving you the sweetest, tastiest fruit and herbs possible! And it works in conjunction with any nutrient on the market, saving you money and giving you a much better product.

Trust me; you want to look for this one at IGS, soon! And one of the best things about it is that it’s 100% organic!

bringing you that fire! stay tune for more posts.

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