J Boog

By Sandieganliz

On Saturday, February 5th, J Boog played a sold out show at Soundwave in Mission Beach. He’s an islandy-reggae musician from Los Angeles who is well-known in Hawaii and other areas for such songs as “Got to Be Strong” and “Let’s Do It Again”.
HI Roots opened the show to a packed venue. I have been following this band for a month now because I’m elevated by their music. I find their lyrics conscientious, uplifting, and real. Such songs as “If You Knew” and “Our Sound” describe their rootsy, island reggae.  –I can tell they represent their “808” roots strong. Hopefully, they release a full album soon, especially with guest vocalist Cisco.

Seedless is a band from Orange County that describes their music as progressive/rock/reggae. I definitely heard the distinct sound of rock in some songs and reggae in others. I really enjoyed listening to them sing about conscientious stuff too.
J Boog is well-known in Polynesian culture and I understand why. With roots stemming from Samoa, he brings a softer side to his tribal heritage. By this, I mean his influence in music is strong and romantic. J Boog sings about love, endurance, and passion. His lyrics take you away into a land of hope and fantasy, such things that often relate to reggae music. His islandy-vibe is apparent as well as his passion for singing.

Big Ups to the people who brought this show together. It was a great display of conscientious reggae music, which promotes hope, wisdom and reality.

(In remembrance of Shari)

bringing you that fire! stay tune for more posts.

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