Escape the cold, the hustle and the bustle…COME TO JAMAICA!
Scott “Scotty B.” Whytsell

Today I was given what I consider to be the opportunity of a lifetime…to write an article about the place I now call home, the island of Jamaica, for NUG MAGAZINE (San Diego’s Original Cannabis Publication).

My mind raced as I composed the thoughts I most wanted to share with the NUG Family of readers…do I talk about the life-changing experiences World travelers such as myself have found in this Caribbean island of lush green forests and warm, crystal clear blue waters; how nearly impossible it is NOT to get lost in the Island’s immeasurable beauty, climate and culture; how the visitors I meet on a daily basis say they wish they never had to leave paradise to go back to the “hustle and bustle” at home; or how rejuvenated one’s mind, body and spirit can be in just one visit to this little island under the sun.

Whether you seek a romantic getaway, an action packed vacation filled with surfing, snorkeling, scuba, horseback riding, river rafting, hiking, dancing & drinking or a quiet escape to meditate and soak up the sun and natural beauty, Jamaica has something to offer to everyone looking to enjoy and celebrate life. Tourist season generally starts in October and ends on April 20 (yep…4/20!).

In as little as 7 hours you can fly directly from San Diego to either Montego Bay on the Island’s North-Western coast or to the Island’s capital city of Kingston on the South-Eastern coast. Your destination city will depend on your interests, lifestyle and type of adventures you would like to experience.


Negril -“Spring Break Capital” located on the island’s Western tip is home to the island’s 7-mile white sandy beach, unforgettable sunsets, barrier reef that offers great snorkeling/scuba, cliff diving/jumping at Rick’s Café and World class entertainment at The Jungle Nightclub and Sports Bar. The birthplace of Reggae legend Robert Nesta Marley (Bob Marley) is a scenic hour and a half drive to Nine Mile.

Treasure Beach is located an hour and a half from Negril on the island’s South coast and is comprised of four coves. Reggae star Peter Tosh’s memorial garden is located here as is the Black river, where one can explore nature from a bamboo raft or river boat tour.

Ocho Rios on the North coast hosts the World-Famous Duns River falls, a zip line ride through the jungle, The Dolphin Experience where one can swim with dolphins and hand-feed sharks.

Boston Bay on the Island’s Eastern coast boasts to have some of the best surfing spots on the island and has Jamaica’s first skate park for those times when the surf is flat. Jamaica’s 8-month surf season is little known and a best kept secret for avid surfers around the World.

Ok, on to the information MOST of you are reading this article for…GANJA. Jamaica’s geographic location offers ideal growing conditions thanks to a natural abundance of warm sunlight, fresh clean water and rich, fertile soil. Although grown throughout the island, sung about in countless reggae and dancehall songs and is an instrumental sacrament and aid to meditation by the followers of the Rastafarian religion, the “healing of the Nation” as Bob Marley praised is officially ILLEGAL (We can thank OUR Federal Government for imposing its political might in this matter). Fortunately for us, across the island are many sympathetic and compassionate business owners/establishments where one can go to feel safe “from Babylon” and medicate in peace.

That being said, herbs of various strains (mostly indicas) and medicinal value are easy to come by and are much cheaper than found in our local co-ops and collectives. An area just out of Negril called Orange Hill is known for some of the islands best harvests and has been written about in several songs. Edibles such as ganja cake and tea are commonly found in little shops as are Rizzla rolling papers (KING-sized only!)

Being a Third World nation, Jamaica offers the American traveler the most value for that hard earned dollar and the lovely locals are more than happy to share their time to show you “home”. Come to Jamaica and see what I mean…you’ll want to come back again and again…

bringing you that fire! stay tune for more posts.

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