July 2010 Product Reviews

ADIACIAS Apparel is a clothing company with unique views, their name standing for A Diamond Inside A Cube Inside A Sphere, a 5 dimensional view of reality. Pronounced AH-DEE-AH-SEE-AHS, they make all types of apparel including  MARY JANE SMOKEWEAR. They sent the NUG staff a fat box of products to try out including shirts and hats. I am stoked on the quality and their “I AMsterdam” is one of my new favorites! They also make limited edition strain shirts in runs of 420! These guys are super chill and I totally recommend supporting them. Buy yourself a shirt!

Mr. Keifbox
I have seen a bunch of keif boxes over the years…Mr. Keifbox recently sent us over one with our NUG logo burned into it. They make a quality product customized for your needs. Of course they offer regular ones too, as well as some with amazing art work – including some by Cliff Maynard of Chronic Art. The box they sent over to us works great and is well constructed. Their motto is “If you can think it we can build it!” Check them out online and get yourself a box!

Medical Marijuana Jars
So we at NUG love jars! I always use glass storage for my cannabis. When I first saw these Medical Marijuana Jars my mind just clicked. Just like with beer bottles, darker glass protects the contents from light that will degrade the cannabis. Their vitality glassware has a unique composition that blocks degrading visible light while allowing beneficial UVA and far IR light in to enhance marijuana stored inside. Prices range from $10.00 for a pocket-size 1/8oz. jar up to $120 for their biggest apothecary jar, able to store over a 1/2lb. They can be found in dispensaries, smoke shops, and hydro stores and online.

bringing you that fire! stay tune for more posts.

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