July 2011 Product Reviews

By Ben G. Rowin

Marley’s Mellow Mood

The folks over at Marley’s Mellow Mood sent us over a case of assorted flavors to try out. First of all, I’m not into energy drinks because I’m too laid back; so when I discovered it was the opposite of an energy drink and that it actually relaxes you, I was ALL IN! These beverages are made with 100% natural ingredients and claim to reduce stress and relieve tension. I was skeptical that these drinks could relax me the way medicated edibles do. But, my assumptions were incorrect! Marley’s Mellow Mood was amazing! I drank the Green Tea with Honey and it was delicious. I almost immediately felt a calmness come over me, and I was in a very relaxed state. Even the pain and stress of the day washed away. On a scale from 1 to 10, this product easily gets a 10! The taste is great and the “Calm Your Soul, Ease Your Mind” company tagline rings 100% true! You can find Marley’s Mellow Mood at local convenience stores and events. You can get more information on the company online at: www.marleybeverages.com


Our friends at Cannabee have done it again! A few issues ago, we wrote about some of the amazing medicated products from Cannabee Products Inc. I was lucky enough to run into them again at The Green Door Collective during a presentation of their new product, the E-Joint. I even got to take one back to the lab to try out. I have seen a bunch of electronic cigarettes and have been less than excited about most. Mixing cannabis oils with Propylene Glycol is how most of these products work, and I am not a fan of the taste. Cannabee came up with a formula using 100% natural, food grade, vegetable oil infused with cannabis to create their MediLoads. I tried a Skywalker OG and an Afghani Kush, both were outstanding. The E-Joint has an outstanding vapor pull, and it creates a true “smoking” experience without the actual smoke. Plus, the flavor of the herb is there, but the smell upon exhale is virtually non-existent. The most positive thing about the E-Joint is that with the social acceptance of electronic cigarettes on the rise, it is a product that patients can use to medicate discretely, wherever, whenever!  To find out which collectives carry Cannabee products, check them out online at:  www.cannabee.com


Tapping out your cashed bowl will never be the same. Thanks to the Smashtray, the days of slapping your pipe against your hand, only to get ash all over your palm, are gone forever. Two herb fans from San Diego, CA, J-Diz and Ben Jammin’, have developed the Smashtray, a soft ashtray designed with the smoker in mind.  Designed for use with glass pieces, the Smashtray allows bud smokers to tap their bowls out against the soft material without the worry of breakage.  When you’re done smoking a bowl, simply tap your glass piece against the Smashtray and the ash will fall into the ash holder. You can hit your pipe or slide as hard as you want, the Smashtray will not break it!  All Smashtrays are made from the same rubber-like material. This material won’t scorch, melt or burn and it’s easy to clean with soap and water. Custom orders are available; customers can choose their own color, logo and logo placement. Smashtrays make a great promotional item for bands, shops, new products, etc. Local artists are available to design a logo placement and etch it into the tray; again, keeping the process 100% local and homegrown. Check out their website for demo videos, ordering information, and custom logo options. Smashtrays are now available online at:  www.smashtrays.com

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