June 2011 Product Reviews

By. Ben G. Rowin

Dragon’s Breath Personal Air Filter
One of our photographers, Eric Fowler, brought in a product that he found at a local event, the Dragon’s Breath Personal Air Filter. These things are great for undercover smoking. They are as small as a tube of ChapStick, so they can go with you wherever you go. You simply blow your hit through the tube and the smoke comes out smelling like whatever scent you purchased. They are super convenient and effective. It’s great for any occasion where you don’t want the smell of your herb to be noticed. We didn’t find their website, but we did find a site where you can buy one for yourself:

Sessionz Glass
The boys over at Sessionz Glass contacted us and sent over a few custom frosted jars, including a sick NUG custom. Sessionz Glass is a local San Diego company that is making some really cool jars. The best thing is that you can design your own and buy just one or two! Not having to order customs by the dozen or more is a really cool option! Plus, being local, the turn around time is super quick! Get your name or logo on one, or give one as a gift. They also have loads of predesigned jars to choose from. We at NUG love highlighting entrepreneurs that are doing things for themselves, and the guys at Sessionz really impressed us with their professionalism and the quality of their product. Check them out online at:

Ninja Vape-or-Smoke
Another product brought to us by a NUG staffer was the Ninja Vape-or-Smoke pipe. This product is really cool. It was originally designed for the slopes, so you can hit your herb with no worries about the wind. As a simple device that works in two ways, you can vape your hits or adjust the flame to smoke it. We were surprised at how well it worked. You can tell that a lot of research and development went into making it. I can’t wait to try it out in heavy wind or rain like their videos on YouTube show, which are no match for the Vape-or-Smoke. Check them out online at:

bringing you that fire! stay tune for more posts.

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