Robert Jungmann has been manufacturing hemp t-shirts since 1993, and is continuing that stride with his new company Jungmaven®, which designs, manufactures and distributes hemp clothing out of Los Angeles. Their mission is bold: get everyone in a Jungmaven Hemp T-Shirt by 2020.

Jungmaven is pronounced “Young Maven”. The word “Jung” is the first portion of the founder’s last name, Robert Jungmann; and the word “Maven” was discovered in the book “The Tipping Point” by Malcolm Gladwell. Mavens are described as “information specialists” that create and change the destiny of the world; they are one in a million. So, through the combination of these words, Jungmaven was born.

As an environmentalist, Jungmann has been a leader in the hemp movement since the early 90’s, founding Manastash® Outdoor Hemp Clothing Company in 1993, TwoJupiters.com in 2001, and, most recently, Jungmaven® in 2005. On a surf trip in Costa Rica, Jungmann saw the need to bring back hemp manufacturing to the United States, and noticed that the #1 benefit of growing hemp is “World Security”.

“In Costa Rica they are working towards becoming carbon neutral (to have zero output of carbon dioxide) by 2021. This is their goal and I love it! Growing hemp can help make this dream a reality. Feeding the world is going to be challenged by increased population and increased climate change. Every world leader’s primary goal should be to keep their country healthy and safe for all that live, including people, animals, plants, water, food, soil and air. They can play a role in nurturing or destroying these things that make up our ecosystem. A country being carbon neutral should be at the top of every world leader’s list, and if it’s not, well…they shouldn’t be a leader. Growing industrial hemp can help countries go carbon neutral. During my surf trips in Costa Rica, I realized the positive role hemp could play in the U.S. if it were only grown here. It concerns me that every surfer I meet understands the importance of growing hemp from an environmental and economical standpoint while our government does not,” stated Jungmann at a meeting in February in Washington, D.C.

Jungmaven® T-Shirts are made from 100% hemp. “The key is getting the world off cotton and into hemp. The world needs a better mega crop than cotton. We need something that is more sustainable for the 21st Century. Hemp is one of many cures for our addiction to cotton,” said Robert Jungmann. –But, getting off cotton won’t happen overnight. Jungmann goes on to say, “It’s like looking for alternative energies to fuel transportation. We are not all going to stop using oil and go with electric cars one day. It’s going to be a combination of new strategies and energies to power us forward. Improved mass transit, home-based offices, less traffic lights and more roundabouts, biofuels, hybrids, hydrogen cells, algae, and other remedies are all going to be a piece of the pie that will help us transition away from unhealthy fossil fuels. Hemp can help us wean ourselves off cotton and find our balance; but, it’s just one of many steps in the healing process.”

Cotton is one of the world’s largest abusers of fresh water and fertile land, both of which are needed for growing food and moving forward; for example, the Aral Sea has all but disappeared because of the mismanagement of fresh water that has been primarily pulled for growing cotton. Hemp can be grown in some of the world’s more arid places where cotton cannot. Since hemp can be grown in such inhabitable places on earth, it can help solve food insecurity issues around the world. Hemp should be grown as a mega crop to help sustain life on earth. According to the Hemp Industries Association, the difference in producing a hemp t-shirt and a cotton one is 300 gallons of water per shirt.

“Our goal at Jungmaven is to create clothing that is made from hemp to help bring happiness and balance to the environment while preventing famine, wars and sickness around the world.” –Robert Jungmann

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