How’d The Show Go?
By: SD Liz

On July 23rd, KAT from Orange County played at the 710 Beach Club in San Diego. Presented by Resin Music, a promotional group from Hermosa Beach, KAT celebrated her CD Release Party for her EP, “Supergirl.”

The night started with Josh Fischel from Long Beach. Looking a bit like a young Charles Manson with that mid-length hair and thick beard, Fischel played his amped up acoustic guitar. He played reggae music; however, some of his music was heavier and sounded more rock. High Tide was next and played some soft Cali reggae with some heavier sounds as well.

KAT went on stage next with her acoustic guitar and backing band. Her music sounds like early ska and her vocals are surprisingly robust. KAT is petite, but you couldn’t guess it by the way she sings. She has a very strong voice, which suits her ska music perfectly. In fact, she reminds me of a brunette Gwen Stefani from the earlier days of No Doubt. KAT’s music was enjoyable and surprisingly rocked!

The B Foundation ended the night. This mostly rock band also hails from Los Angeles County. This show of So. Cal. bands was great to be apart of and I’m glad they stopped by in neighboring San Diego.

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