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Between the Sheets by Sonya Bender
Songs about being dazed and confused by life and love in the city of Los Angeles

Sonya Bender is a singer/songwriter and award-winning actress. She gained national exposure as a teen spokesperson for ASCAP’s educational campaign against music piracy. This unique program has reached out to an estimated 2.2 million Middle School and High School Students’ and is still being presented today. After completing this 4 part video series, she made a number of personal appearances at schools performing the original song she wrote for the project and interacting with the kids. Sonya has performed at the annual I Create Music Week that ASCAP sponsors every year in Los Angeles. A native of San Diego, Sonya grew up participating in its thriving theatrical community. Through her work at various professional theatres, she was given the opportunity to explore many different kinds of characters, from a drug-addicted prostitute (In Arabia We’d All Be Kings) to a suicidal and troubled young woman (Crave) to a Lolita style con artist (PUSH).  Within a month of moving to Los Angeles, Sonya began work on LOVELACE A Rock Opera, by Charlotte Caffey (The Go-Go’s) and Anna Waronker (That Dog). During this time, she also began writing the material that would become her first full-length album, Between the Sheets.  Sonya has been named as one of the young faces to watch by PBS Arts Brief and is sponsored by Daisy Rock Guitars. You can preview or download Between the Sheets online

Quick Mother’s Day fact: Sonya has one of the coolest San Diego Moms we have ever met!

Sharon Hazel Township

Known for her multifaceted songwriting and honest lyrics about a California kid embracing adulthood in Chicago, Sharon Hazel enjoyed a successful solo career prior to forming Sharon Hazel Township. Born in LA and raised in Northern California, the songwriter was a performing musician at an early age. After attending DePaul University in Chicago, Sharon remained in the windy city and began playing around town as a guitarist while writing songs at home.  Sharon started playing locally as a singer-songwriter which soon turned into touring the country.  Sharon was nominated for two San Diego HAT (Honoring Acoustic Talent) awards, appeared on the Indie Music Television show, and was featured as an artist and owner of Crumb Records in Performer Magazine. Shortly after moving to San Diego she formed her band Sharon Hazel Township (SHT).  The acoustic based band plays mostly original music influenced by folk, rock, jazz, and funk. Known to stray from verse and jam during a set, Sharon Hazel Township has quickly become one of southern California’s premiere bands.  2010 brings a return to the studio to create the debut full length album.

Band Members:
Laura Payne – Bass, vocals
Alyssa Desind – percussion
Sharon Hazel – guitar, vocals
Sasha Johnson – drums, percussion

Sharon Hazel Township’s upcoming shows:

5/7 @ Coffeehouse Radio Live in San Diego
5/11 @ O’Connell’s in San Diego
5/28 @ Dolores Park Cafe in San Francisco
7/23 @ El Rio in San Francisco

Quick Mother’s Day facts:  #1. Laura Payne, the bassist, is a mother of two boys.  #2. Sharon Hazel also owns Crumb Records which she named after her mother.

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