Legal Cannabis Institute Opens It’s Doors in San Diego

By. R.d. Brown
Quality education in the medical marijuana industry no longer requires a trek to Los Angeles or the Bay Area.  San Diego’s own Legal Cannabis Institute has opened its doors to provide classes on the law, use and cultivation of medical cannabis each Saturday.   “We are always expanding our curriculum to respond to student needs,” said Nicole Scott, the founder and president of LCI.  “In addition to all the legal issues and collective courses taught by experienced lawyers and the beginning-to-master grow classes and workshops, we’ve added courses on cooking with cannabis and classes for caregivers such as dosing taught by medical professionals.”   LCI also plans to add accredited courses for both attorneys and nurses seeking continuing education on MMJ subjects.

Though of recent origin, LCI is rising quickly as a center of ideas and information for the local community.  “I am so surprised by the Medical Marijuana Law class I took. I feel safe knowing that I am within the law and protecting myself from potential problems,” said student Jason F. of LCI’s basic law course which covers the politics, laws and court decisions that are shaping the industry and current guidelines for collective/cooperative cultivation, possession consumption and distribution.

Alex S. was able to launch his grow career after attending LCI’s entry-level growing class, “[t]hanks for the informative workshop on Growing with Hydroponics. I just got started and will be back for more classes next month.”  In easily understood terms the student is guided step-by-step through the basics of growing as well as advanced systems and developing techniques to achieve the highest medical-quality yields.  The legal classes dovetail with the grow classes to arm growers with knowledge to protect themselves.  “I was not looking forward to this but it has been the best hundred bucks I have ever spent. Marijuana laws are confusing. I understand clearly how it all works now. Whew!” said student Randy L.

Nicole Scott explains San Diego’s need for its own medicinal cannabis school this way, “Today, California is like the Wild West without clear laws or guidelines for the flood that is the ‘Green Rush.’ We offer the answers many are looking for.”  To ensure the relevancy of its teaching and the accuracy of its answers, LCI has assembled talented local practitioners, growers and activists.  “As California’s fifth medicinal marijuana school – and the only one in San Diego County — LCI has incorporated all the best practices to form a curriculum that is unsurpassed. Attorneys, master growers, nurses, collective founders and others with extensive cannabis education all teach classes for LCI” said Scott.

“Who knew a legal issues class could be so much fun? … I am prepared if I have a police encounter. ‘Highly’ recommended.” said student Janet B of LCI’s Legal Issues 201, a class that forearms students with the knowledge to assert and protect their rights during law enforcement encounters.  Courtney M. was able to use the practical knowledge he gained immediately, “I was pulled over this morning and am happy to report, received a verbal warning to come to a complete stop at stop signs. I remembered everything I learned at school to handle this uncomfortable situation. I will be back to learn how to cook with cannabis.”  Of the school’s offering courses as diverse as law and cooking, Janet B. spoke for many of her fellow students, “I guess when you are interested in the topic – medical marijuana – you want to know everything.”

Scott, the LCI founder, has endured attacks on marijuana’s legitimacy as medicine and has heard all the jokes about bringing “higher” education to San Diego.  “Yes, we can have fun with it,” she said, “but this is a dead serious issue to patients whose access to medicine is continually under threat.  Our long-term vision really sums it up:  We envision a world in which Cannabis is readily accessible and socially supported. Also, legally protected and regulated in a manner that is consistent with the highest standard of care. Those who use, produce and distribute medical marijuana will be free from prosecution. We will each take responsibility for our individual health while honoring the diversity in each other.”

Student by student, class by class, until its is reality, LCI clearly intends to work with passion and purpose to achieve its vision, and – judging from comments like those of recent graduate Stacy O. – appears to be succeeding:  “Loved the medical marijuana classes. Ready to start my collective. Feel empowered. Thank you!”  “That’s exactly why we’re here,” said Leslie Warner, a registered nurse and LCI instructor, “passing on that feeling of empowerment is what this school is all about.”

Visit LCI’s website at for details on class offerings and enrollment.

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  • ms. legal buds review , May 5, 2010 @ 4:02 pm

    The difference amongst recreational consumption and medical employment of marijuana begs to be noticed. While I think that a responsible adult ought to have the right to use marijuana recreationally, I do think, without doubt, allowing an ill person use of a plant with a long history of medical value should be accepted and legal. Marijuana has a large potential as a medication and more awareness and acceptance is necessary. In Summary, legalize it!

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