Legal Eyes

By: Pamela Jayne
At the core of this movement are, of course, the patients. It takes so many different people and their individual talents and skills to ensure that patients’ rights are protected and that the medical cannabis movement moves forward in a positive direction.

There are caregivers, collective operators, activists, lobbyists, growers, donors, organizations, and yes, lawyers – lots of lawyers. While the legal profession may be on the receiving end of millions of jokes, lawyers are an absolute necessity in our goal to free patients from fear and persecution, not to mention, prosecution. Say what you will about attorneys, but they are, often times, the only thing standing between good people who put their freedom on the line to provide patients with medical cannabis, and jail.

In the months to come, we will be profiling the men and women of the local legal community who are dedicating their time and talent to the cause of protecting the rights of patients. Our goal is to give them a platform to publicize their beliefs, and also to provide patients with the kind of information that only a law degree can provide.
Our first profile will be about Mark Robert Bluemel, attorney and member of the San Diego Medical Marijuana Task Force. Mark is a familiar face in the community and a fierce advocate of patients’ rights, but there are many other interesting aspects to his life that you will find out.

So, beginning next month, we will be telling you all about the legal eyes in the community while doing our very best to dispel the legal lies. And with any luck, we will soon bring you the good news that our cause has been legalized.

bringing you that fire! stay tune for more posts.

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