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July 23 August 22
Lucky Numbers 4, 9, 16, 33, 36, 42

“They say” there are three main branches of astrology today. Western astrology, Indian astrology and Chinese or East Asian astrology. “I say” you found the fourth…

The Leo Female
On the way to the warmest time of the year, our Leo female finds delight in the sights and sounds of her well-tended herb garden.  Fueled by the bright sun of summer, her garden and her life go into high gear.  The Leo female loves to be the center of attention and is usually the tallest and stickiest strain in the garden.  Always the one you notice first, she is on display and likes to know how dearly she is prized. She is very vain, and likes to be the “one and only.”  The Leo female can be a train wreck with money. She is generous but likes to spend mainly on herself, adores jewelry and high priced nutrients, and always brings the best the strain has to offer.  The Leo female is a man magnet, not a wall flower. Don’t try to tame her, she is born to rule. Never happy in a cage, the Leo woman loves to travel.  She’s always faithful to those who love her and always shows compassion for children and the helpless.  The Leo female loves to entertain; she cooks up some of the best edibles you can imagine. From cookies to cakes, spaghetti to BBQ’s she’s the hostess with the mostest!  The bud tenders know her first name and she’s always optimistic about finding this month’s perfect strain.

The Leo Male
The Leo Male expects to be noticed.  After all, he is the King of the Jungle.  Ruled by the sun, this daylight strain loves the great outdoors, and is at home on stage with an audience.  Never a phony, extremely outgoing and knowing no fear, our Leo male is a risk-taking educator  who could easily open his own Co-Op. Being a true competitor, Leo males love sports and when it comes to packing a bowl, he’s hard to beat.  Known to go any lengths to win people over, he is a true showman, he’ll be the first to pick up the tab, or pull out a joint; but he also likes to be praised for what he does.  A rolled joint in the morning will make this big cat purr and put him in a sentimentally affectionate mood.  Romance is his way of life but beware, make him jealous and you will see the Lion King Roar.  He is masterful, fiery and intense.  Although easily influenced by love, he will guard the safety of those close and dear to him. Not easy to clone, the Leo male is hard to control, he smokes the best meds in the Jungle, so follow his lead and enjoy the ride.

Compatible signs: Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius

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