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September 23 – October 22
Lucky Numbers 3, 8, 12, 22, 24, 32

The ancients loved this time of year! Even our forefathers, better known as the pilgrims, celebrated harvest time. As the holidays neared and the buds matured, most looked forward to the family gatherings fast approaching. With the sharing of food and herbs some think this is the best time of year. Just ask any Libra…..

The Libra Female
Libra women love their gardens as much as they love romance. With everything in bloom they’re known to fill their home with the garden’s bounty. As an expert in social planning, her many friends look forward to being entertained by this social butterfly. She makes everyone feel special, and her peaceful surroundings will assure you a great time while enjoying her plentiful harvest. The Libra Woman likes to live an easy and uncomplicated life.  She needs to be appreciated and loved. She strives for balance and harmony. Being too pushy or giving the Libra woman orders will disrupt her easy going nature. She will become angry and upset.  She needs to be around mellow friends and family. She sees life through rose colored glasses.  She enjoys the beauty this world has to offer and wants to taste it all! Fine food, exercise and a good medical blunt will keep the Libra scales balanced.

The Libra Male

Did you ever go to a party and from all that was going on, one person’s voice stood out from the crowd? Chances are that was our very likable Libra male. Good natured and loving; the extremely intelligent Libra has a hard time making up his mind. Choices don’t come easy. He keeps his bud tender busy sampling them all. Extremely intelligent, yet sometimes gullible the Libra male enjoys talking to people. Women find him charming. He is an attentive listener who never holds a grudge. He has a sincere way about him. Libra males love beautiful things. The woman on his arm and the buds in his pocket are typically top shelf.  Always careful choosing a mate, Libra males have been known to take a long time before making the final commitment. He needs to be very sure because he sees things in more than one way and that makes his choices challenging. In his heart he likes to please those he loves. He will be there for you when you need his support. His attention can make a person feel special. The Libra male knows what he wants from life. His polished voice can open many doors. Companies would love to have him as their spokesperson. They make great lawyers and mediators.  He’s very convincing and believable. After all the choices have been sampled, looked at, smelled and tasted; the Libra male knows how to have a good time! Enjoy his company.

Compatible signs: Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius

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