Louis Robert

By. Eugene Davidovich

Louis Robert suffers daily from a number of conditions that have, for years, prevented him from living a normal life. Originally from Las Vegas, Nevada, Louis worked for many years as a casino floor manager at Mandalay Bay, one of Las Vegas’ premier entertainment centers. His job involved hours upon hours of standing daily, which took a significant toll on his already hurting hip. The pain progressively worsened until one day, while on the job, Louis found that he could no longer stand as the pain had become unbearable, forcing him to leave his beloved profession.

Louis’ physicians determined that he was in dire need of hip replacement surgery. Unfortunately, his insurance company would not pay for the surgery until he was at least 55 years old. At the time, Louis was in his thirties. Since he could not afford the hip replacement surgery, the same physicians who suggested the surgery, decided to treat the problem in a different way. The solution they came up with was pharmaceutical pain relievers otherwise known as “opiates the legal version”. The list of addictive substances that Louis was fed by the hospital essentially transformed a functioning productive man into a patient in a constant pharmaceutical “zombie like” state.
This continued for years until finally in 2005 Louis discovered that through the legal use of medical cannabis he could treat his hip pain as well as other conditions he suffered from without the debilitating side effects of the opiates and other medication he was prescribed. In 2005, Louis obtained his first legal recommendation to use cannabis as a medicine from a physician in San Diego. When Louis began his quest for the medicine that helped him, he could not find any safe and reliable access in the city. This forced him to attempt to cultivate the medicine himself.

Louis quickly realized that he had a talent for cultivating the highest quality and most effective medical cannabis he had ever seen. Louis decided to share this talent and knowledge with other patients in the community by forming Mother Nurture Collective. The organization flourished for over a year until again, the DEA came to San Diego and began executing raids on medical marijuana providers.
As a precautionary measure and for the safety of its members, Louis decided to close the facility to new patients, and for years the members of the collective kept the group, as well as the genetics developed in the group, alive and together. Finally, this year in 2010, after hearing confirmation from President Obama that the DEA would no longer violate state’s rights and after reading the California Attorney General Guidelines, Louis decided to reopen the dispensing collective.
Louis met Daniel, Chris, Matt, and a few other patients, some of whom have for years been on the forefront of safe access in California. They brought together their years of knowledge, experience, activism, and hard work that they all possessed to form the Cloud 9 Collective.

All members of the collective share a common purpose. They associate in order to collectively cultivate marijuana for medical purposes and make it available to other members of the collective, helping to ensure safe access to the community.
Cloud 9, located in Ocean Beach, San Diego, strives to be a model dispensing collective. Through the knowledge, experience, and hard work of its members, today Cloud 9 provides safe and reliable access to the highest quality medication for its members including its signature strain, the “Cloud 9 Ghost Kush”. This strain, among others, is part of a state of the art strain development program at Cloud 9 which includes a library / database of strains and the ailments they help alleviate.
The collective also offers a variety of programs for its members including cultivating classes, where members who wish to and are able to help cultivate the medicine can learn how it’s done and get involved. Other programs include meditation, dog walking, tennis, and a variety of upcoming activities currently being planned by the events committee at Cloud 9.

A couple weeks ago, NUG Magazine caught up with Louis at Cloud 9, where he showed us the state of the art facility as well as explained his passion for helping others. The San Diego community is lucky to have among its beloved members, Louis, who is a true pioneer for the cause and the advancement of legal medical marijuana therapeutics and research.

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