March 2011 Product Reviews

Our friends over at Vault Case sent us some of their new cases that have Budman’s Stay Fresh unit added to them, which is a bi-directional, nano-bead technology, humidification unit that works in two ways. If your stock is too dry, you can add water to the unit, which will allow for distribution of the perfect amount of humidity to bring your stock back to life without the possibility of mold/contaminant growth. If the user needs to dry out or cure stock, the humidification unit will act as a desiccant and absorb any access moisture in the air. The use of both these products in sync is the perfect combination for everyone; from the individual user looking to keep their stock fresh, to the commercial grower looking for the perfect curing/storage unit. All Vault Cases are air tight (no smell) and completely waterproof. The inside foam is completely customizable to fit your glass or vaporizer, and the cases come in all kinds of sizes. For more information on these products, give them a call at 866-617-1670.

Remedy Coffee
This month, we got a call from another local company called Remedy Coffee, and they wanted us to try their new line of medicated coffee products. –How could I say no? This coffee is 100% Ethiopian beans, and each bottle contains almost a full gram of 100% Sativa. We picked up a case of the Vanilla + Caramel Medicated Cannabis Coffee and it was great! It was really tasty with a very mellow effect; perfect for medicating during the day when you want to relieve pain, but still be on your toes. The packaging was, in my opinion, a step up from what most places carry. –It looked very professional and included the Nutrition Facts and Ingredients list. One of the things I like best about this company is that the proceeds from Remedy Coffee are donated to Kid-Fit, an organization that assists in creating continued Health and Fitness Education for kids in our community. Nice work Remedy! Collectives interested in Remedy Coffee can contact them at:

cream co.
Cream Clothing is a San Diego based company that was established in the winter of 2008. Today, they’re on the scene with a fresh batch of new colors, retro art and street art flavor. Inspired by a team of graphic designers, street artists, and musicians, Cream Clothing captures everything that surrounds the West Coast Culture, but with an unorthodox twist. So make sure to keep your eyes peeled for the cream team running around S.D., and be sure to check out the winter/spring line now available and fresher than ever at:

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