Marijuana Activism Paying Off

By: Ava Madison

April is here and spring is in full swing. We at NUG hope your outdoor babies are planted and looking good as the vote for legal marijuana makes its way to the polls in November. That’s right, in November, Californians will vote to legalize marijuana for all people over 21. So, while your buds are flourishing and the bureaucratic process ensues, now is the time to shift into overdrive and get active in the marijuana reform movement because, believe it or not, the police and prosecutor associations still have the opportunity to arrest and incarcerate non-violent marijuana users. November may be too late for some of our fellow pot smokers; heck, even you could be in a bind between now and then.

To ensure fair marijuana laws, we must continue to act as catalysts.  As the political suits continue to devour our values and liberties, it is up to us, the PEOPLE, to step up to our “Guards” and demand a secure future and an end to the tyranny. We must raise our voices and be heard among the masses – and it’s easier than you think!

Every chance you get to advocate for marijuana, you should, because it is paying off.  In a recent Angus Reid poll, 56% of Americans supported legalizing marijuana. More and more, cannabis is becoming a mainstream topic as it is covered by the news, used by celebrities, and gaining momentum in the medical and cooperative industries.

To continue creating change, we must do something, we must act, and the first thing to do is get vocal, both as a community and as individuals. You can be “vocal” on-line, in a letter, on a flier, on the phone, in person, and many other ways. Depending on who you are delivering your message to, some approaches may be better than others. Some people are still afraid to hear that marijuana won’t make you crazy or that it won’t make you die, but the more you talk about marijuana, the more marijuana becomes normalized and that negative stigma that’s been carried with it can wither away.

Activism made simple!

The more vocal you get, the more informed you need to be. Scour this magazine for literally hundreds of talking points on the benefits of marijuana and hemp.

Not every activism endeavor has to be political; you can be an activist right in your own home. Talking with your family about marijuana can lead to solutions against abuse and teen use, and can also provide insight on dealing with marijuana as a medicine. As these talks ensue, you will be able to address the concerns of marijuana prohibition with practicality and common sense. Nowadays, marijuana is such a hot topic that the opportunity to speak about it will often come up. The knowledge you share will then spread to the social circles of your grandparents, parents, siblings, and others.

Some basic talking points:

Marijuana has been used as a medicine for thousands of years and has only been criminalized since the last century.  Marijuana has been used among many cultures for its spiritual purposes and industrial strength.  Other than arrests, prosecutions, and persecutions, there are no concrete negative effects from using marijuana.

The easiest way to be active is to simply speak up. What you say could affect a future juror on a case, an anchor on the news, or a defendant facing imprisonment. The more you talk about marijuana, the less the chances are of someone being prosecuted and the greater the chances are of legalization in November being realized.

Get Active Now!

– Research marijuana risks and benefits
– Develop your talking points
– Talk about it!

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You can get active within the community too.  Stand up for marijuana defendants facing trials and attend a court date.  Contact the District Attorney’s office and urge them to stop ALL medical marijuana prosecutions, to disengage in ALL medical marijuana investigations, and to respect the will of the voters: 619-531-4040 or  Or go to a Medical Marijuana Task Force meeting.  These meetings are the next critical step for safe access in San Diego. Take your ideas to the City Council advisory board and be heard. City Council Chambers are located at 202 W C St in downtown San Diego, and the next meeting will be held on the 12th floor on Friday, April 26th.

bringing you that fire! stay tune for more posts.

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