May 2011 Product Reviews

420 ltd nug magazine420•LTD
Another apparel company that sent in some products for review is 420•LTD. They have some real cool ‘represent your strain’ designs and dozens of others. My favorite out of the pack was the “Make Hash NOT War” shirt. While talking with the owner, he opened up about how he used to think that the only reason people smoked marijuana was to get high. After working for a delivery service and meeting patients, his opinion changed. He quickly learned that marijuana provided relief for people suffering from cancer, HIV, and other ailments. Being able to help someone that was in need really touched him, and he became a firm supporter and believer in marijuana and its benefits, which is the foundation behind 420•LTD. It is a clothing company for smokers, patients, fans, growers, and more! Everyone has their favorite strains like purples, diesels, kushes, etc…

420•LTD is a way for them to “Represent Your Strain.” The 420 stands for the CA state bill that allows people to smoke marijuana. The LTD stands for the fact that most of their shirts will be a limited run of 420 pieces. Check them out online at:

ZANG! –The Original PIPEMUG

OK, so when I ran into the guys of ZANG Products at the CHAMPS Trade Show in Las Vegas, I was pumped! A coffee mug/pipe! I’m ALL about the “Hippie Speedball”! Coffee with a fat bowl is my favorite weekend wake and bake, so I was stoked when the guys sent us a box of them to review. That weekend, a few of the crew and I brewed a pot of strong coffee, packed up our ZANGs and tried them ALL! I was really surprised by how well they worked; nice draw on the bowl, airtight, really cool! These are priceless, functional pieces of art! Each piece is handmade in the U.S. with organic ceramic materials, and they are microwave/dishwasher safe. If you like a beverage with your bowl OR a bowl with your beverage, check them out online at:

OG Dankster Ware
We got a nice package from the crew at OG Dankster Ware. Again, we love to see local entrepreneurs doing their thing, and the owner Mark Robins is doing just that! Mark was a horse jockey for over 30 years and has the coolest stories about riding at some of the most iconic race tracks in the country. After retiring from racing, he decided to start a company that designs 420 friendly bud characters similar to the old California Raisins. On January 1, 2010, this became a reality for Mark with the two characters Happy Hippy and Biggy Bud. Getting started by selling shirts out of his car and really hustling, he had over 10 designs by the summer and continued to grow. By October, he opened up his first store, and now it carries not only the shirts, but jars, stash tins, rolling plates, coasters and more! OG Dankster Ware also offers graphic design for wholesale accounts, including collectives, hydro shops, smoke shops and more. The store is located at 1922 B. South Coast Highway in Oceanside, and you can learn more about them at:

bringing you that fire! stay tune for more posts.

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