Medicated Magic by the Bay: The 2011 High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in San Francisco

By Sharon Letts
Bob Dylan said it best, “the times they are a changing.” Since 1986 High Times has hosted its Cup in the one city in the world tolerant to the herb, Amsterdam in the Netherlands. With medical marijuana making huge strides, state by state in the U.S. the zine has finally brought the competition home.  With Medical Cannabis Cups now established in both Denver and San Francisco, Cali hosted its second cup June 25 and 26 at the Concourse Exhibition Center in the city by the bay with great success.

Vendors came from every part of the state, hawking a plethora of pipes, grow lights, fertilizers and bud jars. A kief harvester impressed, but first place for products went to The Incredibowl, a super-sonic hit device that came in several sizes.

Inside the hall panels covering patient rights, outdoor organic practices, advocacy and legal issues were given by some of California’s top canna experts, including grow gurus Jorges Cervantes, Danny Danko and Nico Escondido.

Buds and edibles were judged using “qualitative and quantitative” scoring, and took each judge’s personal preferences into consideration. Thanks to modern technology by Steephill labs, the buds were lab-tested, taking the guesswork out of THC and CBD potency.

Outside was another world altogether. Booths lined the “215 Medicating Area” with collectives and more products, but the draw was being able to medicate outside, in public, in America. The running joke, “What’s the difference between an October Fest and a Canna event? At the end of the day everyone is chill and somewhat intelligent.”

1st Place – Magnolia Wellness
2nd Place – Nor Cal Genetics
3rd Place – Elemental Wellness

1st Place – The Incredibowl
2nd Place – Central Cali Cannabis Edibles Package
3rd Place – Bhang Bar

1st Place – Slider
2nd Place – Essential Vaaapp
3rd Place – Team Death Star

1st Place – Greenway Compassionate Relief’s Baklava
2nd Place – Bhang Chocolate’s Bhang Chocolate Triple Strength Fire Bar
3rd Place – Vapor Room Co-operative, Om Chocolate Dipped Peanut Butter Truffle

1st Place – Master Control Unit Collective, Alaskan Thunderfuck (9.23%)
2nd Place – Elemental Wellness, Center, Jamaican Lion (8.10%)

BEST NON-Solvent Hash
1st Place – Florin Wellness Center, Herojuana

1st Place – Philips Rx, Mars OG
2nd Place – Berkeley Patients Group, Sour Diesel Wax
3rd Place – The Cali Connection Seed Company Collective, Regulator Kush Wax

1st Place – D & M Compassion Center, OG Kush
2nd Place – Buds & Roses, Star Dawg
3rd Place – Leonard Moore Co-Operative, The Pure

1st Place – Harborside Health Center (San Jose), Boggle Gum
2nd Place – Elemental Wellness Center, The True OG
3rd Place – 7 Stars Holistic Healing Center, 7 Star Pure Kush

1st Place – Granddaddy Purple Collective, Bay 11
2nd Place – OrganiCann, Alpha Blue
3rd Place – Happy Lil’ Trees, Sonoma Coma

bringing you that fire! stay tune for more posts.

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