Meen Green is Hemp-Hop

meen green barrington levy
Meen Green with Barrington Levy

Written by Ras Mike

What’s good San Diego? Life is good. As I prepared for this interview I realized that nothing could have prepared me for it. As I entered Ocean Beach (shout out to SEeDLeSS) I entered dog beach parking lot when I was approached by this “DANKSTA”. I know read on you’ll get the full meaning later but this cool, mellow brother with a positive swagger steps to me and says “Ras Mike” in a deep tone, “MEEN GREEN” I replied.  We walked to an undisclosed IRIE location to conduct the interview you see…..
MEEN GREEN is a self proclaimed HEMPAHOLIC who lives the DANKSTA way of life; I must admit he smokes a lot of really good weed! Green’s love for good smoke, high times and good music are front and center on “Government Issue”; tracks like “We Smoking Green” and “Pass it to the Da Homie” has spawned its own movement called HEMP-HOP. Hemp-hop is a form of rap that celebrates and even glorifies the use of marijuana. He also has songs telling stories of the importance of having and making money and not letting it change you.
In 1991 Meen Green met producer “Bird” and fellow rapper/producer “VOOODU” who was behind Ras Kass’ underground success. While working on Ras Kass’ album, Green met Bob Whitefield Owner of Patchwork Records in 1996 where he later signed. So the LA “Danksta” packed up and moved to the dirty-dirty(Atlanta)where he quickly began building his fan base and was a regular on many college radio stations and even got love from HOT 97 and V-103(Diego where you @ Z-90/989). In1998 he drops the “Smoking Section”! This album featured WESTCOAST appearances by Western Hemisfear’s Mykall Myers, THE HEMP CARTEL, ACEYALONE and MIKAH NINE from Freestyle Fellowship. Songs like “In Da Wind Ft/ Jazzie Pha and “Deep in the Game” Ft/Pimp C of UGK quickly got Meen Green’s name spread throughout Los Angles and Atlanta. “The Smoking Section had that universal sound and boasts of marijuana-subject matter that radio and the mainstream airwaves weren’t ready to hear” GREEN says, but it still remains an underground classic of HEMP-HOP. Meen Green hopes that fans and hempaholics worldwide will keep “Government Issue” in rotation along with a few good blunts, “The higher you get the further the music takes you, smoke on” he adds. Meen Green is planning to release a 5 disc mix tape for FREE on I-Tunes, don’t worry it will also be available at ONE local store sometime this month.

Mean Green shout outs: Swisher STREETS Crew, Fetty Slaps, Dredoja, Mark the Shark, Los Anubis, DJ Milkcrate, James Worthy, Sucha, Bad Karma, Mac Vee, Kalioso, Jawz, La Sane, J Irie and Bauleeeey and of course his sponsors IGS & SEeDLeSS.
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