NUG INTERVIEW with MikeyWhiskeyHands
Article By: Ian Rie
Photo By: Vishnu Rajan

Ian Rie of Nug Magazine met up with Mike, current drummer of indie rock band Pierce The Veil to discuss his latest project, MikeyWhiskeyHands.  According to Mike, this started off almost as a joke, just for fun, but as he progressed and released more tracks, heads seem to be turning and it’s starting to be taken as something serious. We met up with Mike to get the inside scoop on whats really going on with his hip hop project.

Lemme start this off by lightin’ this joint and sipping this cocktail…

NUG: First things first, we noticed you play drums in a rock band called Pierce The Veil. A lot of drummers seem to have a strong passion for hip-hop, so what is it about those drum beats that get these rhymes flowing?

MWH: What a lot of people don’t know is that I was listening to hip-hop a long time before I started listening to punk rock.  It wasn’t till I was 13-14 when my homie took me to my first punk rock show. I was instantly hooked.  The vibe in the scene was something I had never been exposed to, and I wanted to be a part of it.  By 15-16 I picked up my first drum kit and taught myself everything I know to this day.  Having a beat in my head constantly helps me with my rhymes.  Being able to understand the rhythm makes the writing process smooth and most of the time every verse is done one take.

NUG: These beats we hear in your tracks are hot and could even turn Dre’s head. Who is the master behind these?

MWH:  (Laughs) DJ Architechhh is the man.  This whole thing started as kind of a joke.  We’d be out on the road with my band  PTV and my bassist, (DJ Architechhh) would come up with these beats.  One thing lead to another and I laid down my first track waiting to play a show in Vegas.  It was one of those things we’re partying, smoking and having a good time,  and I laid down a verse just fuckin around and kids dug it.  So here we are doing it for all the same reasons as back then. Now we’re finding ways we can enhance ourselves and extend our capabilities, not just for us, but for the listeners.

NUG: What impressed us the most is how well produced these tracks are. What kind of equipment do you guy use to record some of these tracks?

MWH: Thank you. I’m sure DJ Architechhh would be thankful as well.  For all the samples/beats we use REASON and when tracking all the vox we use CUBASE. I just want to make a note that all tracks are recorded diy/guerilla style in a very small studio, and we do it for the love of music and our fans.

NUG: Who are some of your musical influences?

MWH: If you got a beat and a rhyme I’ll listen.

NUG: We assume this is a side project considering the popularity and success of your band PTV, but every WiskeyHands track you put out just keeps getting better and better, any plans or desire to take this to the next level?

MWH: There’s been a lot of talk lately about dropping an album or even an EP, so who knows, anything can happen.  If the fans want it, I gotta give it to ’em, but for now be on the look out for that “$EX, Drugz, and WhiskeyHands” t-shirt! It’s gonna be hot!

NUG: Who is this Dr. Craig person? That guy can sing! Up and coming R&B artist maybe?

MWH: Funny you say that…Dr. Craig is a homie with a gift. I’ve seen this fool sing half a verse to some ladies at the club and its done.  Next thing you know he’s goin home with 2 chicks (laughs), nah but seriously he’s got more soul than anyone I know.  He sings in a band called Emarosa and just recently released a solo record as Jonny Craig. We’re always fuckin with him calling him the “White Usher” and shit (he loves it though). But yeah we’re actually working on an R&B number right now thats gonna make all the ladies wet, so ladies watch out!

NUG: Medical Marijuana, how do you feel about this subject?

MWH: I think it’s long over due. Being on the road for months out of the year, you can’t always rely on your street hook up. Dispensaries have helped so many of us card holders legally buy marijuana on the road. I’ve been to some award winning shops and met some good, down to earth people through marijuana. Law enforcement should be focusing on the “real” drugs out there.

NUG: Alright, alright! So how do you feel about the legalization of marijuana?

MWH: Obama is a homie and knows what’s up!  I think its only a matter of time before he makes the right decision, which is legalization of marijuana.  Luckily I live in one of the most progressive states, but we still have a ways to go. Go ahead and tax me and let me smoke in peace:)

NUG: Thanks for your time, we look forward to hearing more tracks! Maybe a MikeyWiskeyHands special performance at a Pierce The Veil show? We know you rep S.D. hard, so go ahead and give your shout outs!

MWH: Shout out to all my homies in the Spades Crew, all my fans, and all the weed smokers out there!  Stay up

xo Mike xo

bringing you that fire! stay tune for more posts.

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