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The holidays and the end of 2011 are upon us. As I mulled over how to close out the year (with a practice on gratitude, healthy holiday recipes, and gifts for wellness – so much to choose from!), I came across this quote:

“Every sacred place is the place where eternity shines through time.”1

I read it again and thought it appropriate to embrace an opportunity for grounding amidst the sometimes contrasting nature of this time of year. Contrasting, meaning the presence of opposites: chaotic traffic, peaceful darkness, joyous moments, tragic realities. The highs and lows are on display at their extremes and, through all of it, we make the choice of riding the emotional waves or finding stillness in our sacred place.

Life has a way of distracting us and changing our well thought-out plans. Though we seek comfort and happiness, all pleasures are balanced with pain. So what are the alternatives to riding the rollercoaster of life? Does finding a sacred place mean abandonment of all we know and those we love? Is this sacred place in a remote hermitage or in a Himalayan cave?

A sacred place is unique to you. It can be overlooking the ocean at the stillness of sunrise; it can be found in your yoga practice or at home holding your child as he falls asleep. A sacred place is a space that we make sacred. It’s a space that brings us healing and allows us to experience our truth. Our sacred place is really inside of us and appears when we allow it to shine through. It represents an inner strength that is beyond the ups and downs of life; an inner strength that is eternal and joyful as it floats down the stream of life and the changes brought by time.

The next question is how to cultivate and honor this inner sacredness at this very special time of year. The task is to create an external place that reflects your internal truth, your light, your bliss. Again, this will differ for all of us. Think about what this means to you. Some recommendations:

  • Create a sacred space in your home – We tend to naturally create these spaces.  A place where you can go to be quiet and free of distraction; a corner where you hold treasured objects (perhaps not of high material worth, but of high personal value); a room where you light candles and seek quiet; your pillow where you sit to meditate; a peaceful space where you go to pray. The act of creating this room, this shelf, or this corner will give you a place to return to and re-experience in less than peaceful times.
  • Create a ritual to honor your inner sacred place – Maybe this is your morning surf session or your evening walk. The point is to create a regular action that brings you peace and connects you to your inner self; an experience to reconnect you with your sacred space, and that knowing of eternity shining through time.

Notice the use of the word “create”. With these tasks or actions, you are creating or externalizing from what already exists inside of you, from your soul, your spirit, your truth – whatever you believe in or whichever term you would like to use.

What is your sacred place and how do you honor it?

In health,

Bahareh is a certified health and wellness coach based in Encinitas, California. She empowers others to live healthier, happier lives by achieving balance, reducing stress, and eating well.


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