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MOWER has been rocking shows in San Diego and all across the world for a long time! This band is adrenaline filled rock at its best! Well known for amazing live shows, heavy riffs and infectious songwriting, Mower’s new album, “Make It a Double,” is unique and had to be talked about.

They have released their counter personalities on this album with the recorded debut of SLOWER. Slower is the same band members dressed in 3-piece suits and playing a whole different vibe than their Mower songs. Some songs are released by both bands like “Road Rage,” providing two totally different sounds! One being a hard take no punches regular Mower style track and the other stripped down to a stoney vibe with mellow grooves. Listening to them back to back is a real trip; these guys have stumbled on to something outstanding. They can capture a new audience of those who usually shy away from the heavy stuff with Slower.

Recorded in Los Angeles, CA with producer Eddie Wohl (Anthrax, Dry Kill Logic, Ill Niño, Bleeding Through, 36 Crazyfists), “Make It A Double” includes nine new Mower tracks that focus on harnessing the band’s notorious live energy and rewarding their hardcore fans with as much humor, sarcasm and full-on antagonism as possible. The album starts out with a song called The Party, a “takes-one-to-know-one” stab at Hollywood and all things VIP, and degenerates from there. Slower makes their recorded debut with six new tracks.

A psychotic break introduces Slower, who performs the last six songs on the CD in a bastardized version of a jazz-lounge act wearing suits, snarls and smirks. Picture punks dressed for a court date. The Slower tempos, creepy riffs and hazy tones show the group’s infectious songwriting can work in whatever genre the band decides to play in.

Additional musicians on “Make It A Double” includes Rob Caggiano of Anthrax, who, along with Eddie Wohl, make up Scrap 60 Productions, and Mikey Doling of Snot. On the Slower side of the disc, Roy Mayorga of Stone Sour and Fernando Apodaca of Mad Juana make appearances as well.

Weaving together numerous musical styles from hard rock to jazz, “Make It A Double” unleashes Mower’s heaviest songs to date while Slower experiments with a new style of punk jazz, like a twisted lounge act in a Tarantino film. One minute the band is coming at listeners guns blazing, and in the next moment, they’re sipping martinis in 3-piece suits, grooving to an infectious jazz beat.

This San Diego based powerhouse some call “California’s hardest working band,” have been assaulting audiences since the release of their 2003 self-titled debut. The group quickly took San Diego by storm with an onslaught of insane live performances that left audiences stunned by the group’s relentless energy and in-your-face aggression. Mower also took a cue from its punk rock roots and became a self-promoting machine, plastering the entire city with flyers and Mower stickers, which prompted local authorities to serve the band “cease and desist” letters.

The network of sponsors working with Mower includes heavyweights Jagermeister, Ampeg, Schecter Guitars, Dean Markley Strings, SRH Productions, Sik World Productions, Funhouse Tattoo, Undisputed Downtown Boxing Gym, IGS, Tribal Streetwear, and Seedless Clothing.

Mower/Slower is:

Brian Sheerin- Vocals
Dominic Moscatello- Vocals
Chris McCredie- Bass
Brian “Stone” Pennington- Guitar
Jesse “Tato” Tate- Drums

We caught up with Dominic Moscatello to ask him a few questions about the band and their new album.

NUG: Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions for the NUG Magazine readers!
DOM: We are stoked to be here, thanks!

NUG: Who came up with the Mower/Slower concept? Did everyone agree right away that it was a good idea?
DOM: We were messing around in the studio one day and we took a song called “Long Awaited Riot” from our first album and started playing it in a slow lounge style. It was funny, but everything just clicked. Our bass player Chris suggested that we actually go through with it, and we recorded a lounge version of the song, “L.A. Riot,” on our second album “Not For You.” After the album was released it seemed that people had actually taken a liking to the song. Chris was the person in the band who came up with the concept. He had a vision of us playing our songs in a jazz/lounge style while wearing pinstripe suits, while keeping a punk rock edge. Along with that came the idea of adding extra percussion, extra strings, keys, and an entourage with machine guns and women dancing on stage. It took a while for us to grasp the concept, but from the first live show, we realized that we were on to something that would not only reach our current fans, but introduce us to a whole new audience; it has definitely increased our fan base. To answer your question, not everyone thought it was a good idea at first, but after that first show everyone agreed that it was a great idea!

NUG: I think it was a great idea and something that was really unique! Is this going to continue for future albums?
DOM: Yes, but in a different way than “Make It A Double”. With “Make It A Double,” we decided to combine the concept of Mower and Slower in one package in order to introduce Slower to our fans. Right now we are working on new material for another Mower album and after that we would like to record a separate album for Slower.

NUG: Will you be playing venues as both Mower and Slower at the same time, or will you now be doubling your workload and actually touring as both bands?
DOM: It is very common to see a Slower show where we sneak in some Mower, or vice versa.  As far as touring, we have booked both acts in the same cities separately on the same tour and sometimes on the same night. For example, we were out in Des Moines, Iowa and we played an early all ages Mower show that started at 5pm and was over by 10pm. We loaded as fast as we could, drove across town, unloaded, changed into our suits in an alley on the side of the road and we were on stage at 11pm at a cocktail lounge performing as Slower. We book the bands separately; it’s good to give our crowds a full dose of each project in order to achieve the best understanding of each band and the different kinds of entertainment that they offer. When we were on tour with Hed (pe), when there was room on the lineup for the night, we would open as Slower (for ourselves). We always remembered to thank the other bands and Mower for allowing us to open for them. Then we would change, wait for the band that followed Slower to get off stage and come out as Mower. We did this any chance we got. It’s fun to separate the personas. They really are two different entities. We have been doubling our workload for the last 2 years.

NUG: I know the Mower shows are notoriously outstanding! What can we expect from a Slower show?
DOM: You can expect a loungy vibe with an arsenal of different instrumentation and sounds combined with an entertaining stage performance. It’s like Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin filling in for Pantera and NOFX at the same time, and having their back up band interpret the riffs. If you haven’t seen a Slower show yet, come on out. You are in for a good night!

NUG: Mower is playing with Sprung Monkey on April 24th at 4th & B. Will you break out some Slower songs or are we in for harder event?
DOM: You can count on an all out Mower show! You can catch Slower another time soon.

NUG: Again, we want to thank you for your time and letting us introduce you to the NUG Magazine readers! Anything you want to promote or shout outs that need to be given?
DOM: We would like to thank all of our fans and sponsors for their support

Mower will be performing live at:

4th and B with Sprung Monkey on Saturday April 24th in San Diego, CA

Cheyenne Saloon Saturday May 1st in Las Vegas, Nevada

Bob’s Pit Stop Friday May 7th in Menifee, California

Slower will be performing live at:

Pure Platinum Friday May 14th in Kearny Mesa. San Diego, CA. This show is free with a flyer.

The 56th Annual Coming Out Party at Mariners Point on Mission Bay.
San Diego, CA. Saturday May 15th. This show starts at Noon and goes until 10pm.

The Saloon Wednesday May 19th Encinitas, CA.

All of Mower’s CDs are available at
Best Buy and other fine stores and online at and music websites including:

bringing you that fire! stay tune for more posts.

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