Nina Sky at U-31

How’d The Show Go?
By. sandieganliz

The ladies of Nina Sky and DJ Yonny hit the U-31 Cocktail Lounge in North Park on Monday, April 18th. 91X and U-31 are revamping Monday nights with big, eye-catching guest singers and 91¢ well drink specials. Why Monday nights? Even though the club is so busy from Thursday to Sunday and can’t expand anywhere else in North Park, management decided to keep the party rolling well into the following week. Well, it worked! People showed up to watch Nina Sky and their DJ perform that night.

Arriving close to 10 p.m., I grabbed a 91¢ drink and checked out the cocktail lounge. The layout consisted of a few big booths on both ends of the venue, high tables next to the dance floor, pool tables off to the side, and one very accommodating bar that takes up an entire wall. Food was available until 9 p.m. and there was a $10 cover that night.

DJ Artistic spun some nice old school songs, including some late 80s and early 90s hip hop. He mixed genres that included popular dance tracks such as Juvenile, Dr. Dre, and a new song I had recently heard on the radio. Next up was DJ Saul Q, who started out with some disco-sounding music, but then moved into some old school jams. Andrew Rowley of 91X presented Nina Sky to the crowd, which went wild. Everyone appeared to be there for them. When Rowley asked, “Who has to work the next day,” hands went up and people cheered.

Nina Sky started their night with singing along to Debbie Deb’s hit song “Lookout Weekend.” They sang a little in Spanish and then addressed the crowd by asking, “Do the ladies run this motha’ f*cker,” which they also asked the guys, but then said, “I don’t think so, ladies run this motha’…,” with the ladies yelling, “Hell yeah!” They sang along to some more songs and really kept the crowd engaged. A memorable cover was “Sweet Dreams” by the Eurythmics in which they sang the song to its instrumentals. Soon after, they sang their hit song “Move Your Body.” You better believe this got the best reaction from the crowd because the dance floor was packed with couples and mostly girls getting down to the jam.

The ladies of Nina Sky took pictures with fans before, during, and after their performance; and Nicole took to DJ’ing mixes as well, giving the ladies a break in-between. Some of the crowd left after they sang while others stuck it through. Overall, the Monday night at this classy-looking lounge was very Nina Sky!

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