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Ragnarok and The Great American Trailer Park Musical 
By: Marc Emmelmann

Leigh Scarritt as Linoleum/”Lin”
Melinda Gilb as Betty
Kailey O’Donnell as Pickles
(photo credit Daren Scott)

With San Diego legend Leigh Scarritt as “Lin” in the mix, this trailer trash musical is busier than a one-legged man at a butt-kickin’ contest! In the opening number, with a beer bottle nestled between her breasts, I knew the antics had just begun.  Have you ever been to a trailer park musical? Probably not, but the San Diego Repertory Theatre now invites you to one, namely THE GREAT AMERICAN TRAILER PARK MUSICAL.

Quite a bit of animated singing, quirky surprises, and maniacal wit are involved. The “Armadillo Acres” staging is impressive with three trailer park homes and an obligatory segment of an empty in-ground pool. If you aren’t used to musicals, you may experience some confusion while following the story; but soon enough you’ll realize that the unbecoming drama of a trailer park is really just a dysfunctional battle for love and happiness.  To help you connect the dots, note baby #1 and keep him in mind – the climax is disturbingly delightful. Baby #2 is pretty hilarious too – reminiscent of inconsequential Family Guy humor. Other distinctive details to pay attention to include: agoraphobia, ‘80s nostalgia, recipe ideas, strippers, flan, and magic marker sniffing. According to – “A sparkling, sharp irreverence lights up this musical and makes it one of the most laugh out loud shows in town.”

The musical numbers are blues, jazz, gospel, country rock and disco. The costumes are A+, especially during the disco scene. Directed by Sam Woodhouse with choreography by Javier Velasco, the show runs through December 4, 2011 at the Lyceum Stage and is presented by the San Diego Repertory Theatre. Here is a tip: park in the Horton Plaza garage and bring your parking ticket to the theatre for validation for free parking because let’s face it, parking downtown is not great. Visit to get connected to one of San Diego’s best theatres!

Another fun show coming up this month in San Diego, compliments of Circle Circle dot dot, is RAGNAROK. Written by Katherine Harroff in collaboration with members of the Live-Action Role-Playing (LARP) Community of San Diego, Ragnarok is more than just dice rolling and sword swinging. According to Katherine, it’s an explorative performance of true stories shared with Circle Circle dot dot by real LARPers who live among us. In this case, Neil and his friends  take to the park to live out the action…but sometimes the real world has an annoying habit of stepping in uninvited.

Directed by Stephen Schmitz, Ragnarok opens November 23rd and runs through December 10th at the 10th Ave Theatre in downtown’s east village. This theatre used to be a church – a total venue gem in downtown San Diego. Check out to get connected to Circle Circle dot dot.

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