NUG Magazine is GROWING!

National NUG Publisher’s Letter

Welcome to your inaugural issue of NUG Magazine!

We have been receiving requests to bring our publication to other states for a long time and are excited that the time has finally arrived.

NUG Magazine is originally from San Diego, where our large monthly issue began hitting the street in July of 2009! Combined with our dynamic website,, we have been hitting the cannabis community with vigor since our first issue. We were honored by all the emails and letters we received from both Arizona and Colorado patients and supporters who were reading our publication online, or even ordering a subscription for hard copies to be delivered to their door. So we decided to come here first and bring the publication directly to the street for FREE!!! With an exclusive partnership with the Cheba Hut locations, our publication will begin popping up in their stores in September.

As with our original San Diego version, we want to be a voice for the community and encourage you to submit to us any events, articles, photos, or anything you would like to see on our pages directly at for consideration. We need people and activists from other states to step up and get involved.

We are going to be looking for photographers, writers, ad sales reps and more, and if you are interested just drop me an email at!

On to the issue you hold in your hands…we have an amazing article with activist Joan Bello; our monthly Cannabis Cooking with Kim column; and we also have an amazing piece on Hemp Houses in South Africa.

As we will do in every issue, we have some great music coverage and some glass coverage, as well as my Product Reviews. So check us out in print and online every month, and we will do our best to spread the love and knowledge about cannabis and hemp directly to you!

Thanks for picking up NUG Magazine, an alternative cannabis publication!

San Diego NUG Publisher’s Letter

September has arrived, but the weather still feels like we are in full summer swing! But this month means back to school for some, and living by SDSU, I can see the return of the college kids by the droves.

We have another slam packed issue for all you San Diego readers. We are SUPER excited to be launching another version of NUG Magazine, which will be distributed in Arizona and Colorado beginning this month.

We are stoked to have some coverage on an amazing activist, Joan Bello, as well as a very interesting article about hemp homes in South Africa. We also want to welcome our new contributors, Rachel Anders and her fiancé Scotty B, who some of you may remember from our first year as our travel writer; he’s back on the team! The two of them hit the ball out of the park with their article on Chronic Tacos this month. I also want to welcome a familiar face, Medicinal Mike of, to the editorial team; he will be keeping you updated on our partnership with Nug Life and all things radio! “If it ain’t Med Mike, it AIN’T NUG!”

Pamela caught up with Mary from one of her first Patient Profiles and is sharing an amazing update to Mary’s story that I know all of you will enjoy just as much as I did. Esther Rubio-Sheffrey covers the activism for this month with a great article about the PCACA (Patients Care Association of California) and the CPR (Citizens for Patients Rights), who raised enough signatures to effectively block the terrible dispensary ordinance.

Of course, we have some of the usual suspects, like Aaron Evans and his outstanding Perpetual Motion column; the Chronisseur reviewing some grower-direct samples; and of course, music, music, music!!! For our local music, we covered The Dudez and Cathouse Thursday, and our national band this month is Rootz Underground. But this month, we also have the first ever “Editorial” written by Dion Markgraaff, who came back into the country for a few weeks to assist in getting the new AZ/CO edition together.

As always, I hope you enjoy the issue and we’ll be keeping them coming month after month! Thanks for picking up San Diego’s ORIGINAL Cannabis Publication!

-Ben G. Rowin

bringing you that fire! stay tune for more posts.

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