Band: Lionize
Title: Destruction Manual
Headline Entertainment, February 8, 2011
Genre: Rock, Funk and Reggae
Reviewed By: Gio Blitz

This CD’s tie of Rock, Funk and Reggae undertones is a perfect example of one of the better mixes of these genres, with a variety of rhythmic lyrics thrown in as well.  I was temporarily thrown off by their changes from Rock to Reggae but it ended up presenting an eclectic balance. I recommend this CD to those who are looking for a new taste of Rock.

Band: Top Shelf
Title: The Sound
Highest Vibration Music, May 24, 2011
Genre: Reggae Rock Hip-Hop

Reviewed By: SD Liz

There is a blend of reggae, rock, and hip hop, with some music inspired by the ‘80s. I think of Crayola crayons listening to this CD because of the colorful blending of genres. The music is inspirational and conscientious. Lyrics get experimental, and at times seem to be more poetic than written for song but the music flows.

Our Publisher’s Top Pick!!!
Band: Heavy Glow

Title: Midnight Moan
Released June 26, 2011
Genre: Hard Blues Rock/Stoner Rock

Reviewed By: Ben G. Rowin

I have been a huge fan of Heavy Glow since their debut self titled EP, which we covered in one of the first issues of NUG Magazine. Recently they sent over their new full length EP Midnight Moan and once again climbed up to the top of my play list. Their music is reminiscent of the hard rock of original Black Sabbath with drawn out guitars and constantly changing rhythms that take the listener on a up and down rollercoaster ride. This power trio hits the listener hard with strong riffs and classic rock attitude that is hard to deny! One of my favorite albums of the year for sure! Best of all is the album is available for FREE download at:

Band: Fortunate Youth

Title: Irie State Of Mind
Released July 1, 2011

Genre: Roots Reggae
Reviewed By: SD Liz

This is one great rising band from Los Angeles. With roots reggae music, the band takes its listener on a journey through “Reggae Radio,” “Alibi,” “Love Is The Most High,” “Melody,” and “Farmer” to name a few songs. The way the band mixes classic reggae drops, and skanking keys fortifies the Irie-ness of their CD, rightfully titled, “Irie State Of Mind.” Also, they have noticeable, conscientious lyrics. Hope to hear more stuff…soon!

Band: Stranger

Title: World Underground
Released July 2011
Genre: Reggae Rock Jazz
Reviewed By: SD Liz

Stranger comes out again with their sultry, classic reggae sound, but this time, they really amp up some Jazz horns. The music is romantic, conscientious, and fun, and reminiscent of songs from earlier times, like that of the 1970s or 1980s. The most noticeable part of the instrumentals is the use of trumpet and saxophone, which really gives the music a Jazzy flair. The bass and keys are still part of the classic Stranger sound. Overall, the CD takes its listener on a journey.

NUG Staff Favorite!!!

Band: Tribal Seeds
Title: Soundwaves
Released July 19, 2011
Genre: Reggae
Reviewed By: SD Liz

Right from the start, Tribal Seeds’ latest EP excites me just from listening to their unique sound: heavy keys, heavy reggae, and Steve’s unique voice. Their songs definitely keep up the classic Tribal Seeds sound, which is much enjoyed. Their lyrics are metaphorical and irie! Frontman Eric R from Rebelution adds some groovy lyrics to track #1: Soundwaves. It’s nice how the band experiments with different sounds throughout their music, as noticed in song #2: I’ll Return Again. There’s nice romance in their music too! Irie!

Band: Doug Means Project

Title: 2.0
dReleased July 2011
Genre: Ska Rock Reggae
Reviewed By: SD Liz

Doug Means Project is a ska rock reggae band from Los Angeles. Their music relates to modern issues and sounds trendy for the reggae rock scene. Doug Mean’s vocals follow hip-hop format. Standout songs include “Benjamin Franklins,” (featuring Rome from Sublime with Rome,) “Today,” “Complexity” (featuring Toko Tasi,) “Hold On,” and “Matter of Time.” Overall, the CD is fun.

Band: The Simpkin Project
Title: Everything You Want
Released August 9, 2011
Genre: Reggae Rock
Reviewed By: SD Liz

The introduction begins with a jam sess’, and then the music moves to slow reggae rock. The third song picks up and the song speaks of characteristics. The music goes back to the slower tempo from before with “Harder,” then picks back up; especially with roots keys and rock guitar. Overall, the CD carries a hard roots reggae vibe until “Bad Things,” which brings the listener back to reality.

Band: 10 Ft. Ganja Plant
Title: Shake Up The Place
ROIR, August 30, 2011
Genre: Dub Reggae
Reviewed By: SD Liz

10 Ft. Ganja Plant’s CD “Shake Up The Place” has great reggae dub music. With nice jazz horns in some songs, and conscientious lyrics in others, the band takes you on a reggae journey from jazz type reggae to straight dubbing with large bass and nice percussions. A good CD for dub music fans and those who enjoy conscientious roots reggae.

Band: Echo Movement

Title: Music Played On
Released September 13, 2011
Genre: Alternative Reggae
Reviewed By: SD Liz

Their CD starts out groovy and smooth. I definitely enjoy the keys in their music; it adds a touch of psychedelic sound. They play some classic reggae riffs, particularly with bass and horns. However, their music is modern and goes into psychedelic mode; reggae bass/rock guitar! At times, their music reminds me of The Beatles.

Band: Shoreline Rootz
Title: Fire Burnin
Released September 21, 2011
Genre: Reggae

Reviewed By: SD Liz

Has a great introduction song that really demonstrates the band’s sound, especially with the female backup vocals. The horns are great in the music and not overpowering. Their take on “Rumors of War” is refreshing and of current times. This band is like early/modern reggae. They definitely master the roots sound, but sound modern too. Perhaps it’s their gritty sound meeting refreshing instrumentals and backup vocals.

bringing you that fire! stay tune for more posts.

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