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By: Medicinal Michael Boris
Photos By: Shelly Boris, Justin Rivera, and Tha Izz

David Faustino (Bud Bundy)

Hello my friends, this is Medicinal Mike of the NUGLife Crew. We all survived the San Diego blackout and the summer is at an end. We are starting to put away our swim clothes to get ready for a chilling autumn. Here at NUGLife, we were invited to another great celebrity smoke-out, courtesy of Soulstyce Fest 2011 in Los Angeles. This month’s superstar stoner is Reginald “Reggie” Noble, better known by his stage name, Red Man of the Wu-Tang Clan; his work with Method Man; and his work on the movies “How High” and the “Seed of Chucky.” He announced to the NUG community that he was very excited to start working on “How High 2,” a much anticipated sequel to the still popular cult classic. We smoked out on a Blueberry Kush that he picked over a super tangy Fire OG. When he was passed the pipe, he exclaimed to the world and to this shocked smoker that he has a strict, “blunt only” smoking habit, and wouldn’t be caught dead with a glass piece. And still no word on my honorary Wu-Tang membership.

I also ran into a very familiar face from the past during my stage time at the Soulstyce Fest 2011. I instantly recognized this popular iconic ‘90s star as David Faustino, of the still re-running hit “Married with Children,” in which he played the character Bud Bundy. He was super excited to make sure I knew that he was a big fan of NUG Magazine, and that he supports anything that allows people to express their own personal freedoms to the fullest capacity. He was also performing that night. David is a very talented and accomplished DJ.


The NUGLife comedian of the month is Hollywood’s Eric Shantz. Eric has performed in audiences as large as 5000. Eric was kind enough to visit the NUGLife/SlangRadio studios and he brought a barrel of laughs with his live, in-studio comedic performance complete with a burning bowl. He looked pleased as punch to do a comedy set while smoking the ganja. You can catch Eric Shantz headlining the SLO Festival, which is a comedy festival that he created to celebrate laughter.

Don’t forget the Halloweed Gathering on October 29th! You will meet all your favorite NUG celebs and much more. For more information, go to: You can also check out all the local SD stages to see your favorite NUGLife comedians, Medicinal Mike, Tommy “The Roach” Lucero, Matt Cook Live, or Erik “the Joint” Martin performing all over San Diego and Los Angeles.

Medicinal Mike says: Pot is a great reward for doing a good deed…but hugs are better.

bringing you that fire!

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