NUG Reviews Professor Lee’s Introduction to Growing Grade A Bud: Marijuana 101 & Cultivating Cannabis in the 21st Century

By: Brom Richey
Professor Lee’s Introduction to Growing Grade A Bud: Marijuana 101
What type of individual are you when it comes to embarking on a new task or venture? Do you immediately jump into the information pool and start splashing around, or do you wade in slowly, methodically allowing the information presented to resonate before continuing? Personally, I’m the latter. Information is key when making decisions, especially when the decision is whether or not to start growing your own cannabis.
When we received Professor Lee’s “Introduction to Growing Grade A Bud: Marijuana 101” at our NUG offices, I had a feeling that the folks over at Green Candy Press understood their potential readers and how their information needs will progress. Any book with 101 in the title will probably not be overly saturated with facts and figures that won’t mean much to a beginning cultivator, and that’s okay! In this case, Professor Lee has done a wonderful job at crafting a guide that is ultimately designed to light a spark under those individuals who have been thinking about starting a grow.
Marijuana 101 offers some of the fundamental theories and grower-knowledge that would help anyone in their decision to grow bud. This book is chalked full of step-by-step instructions in 19 easy-to-follow modules, and contains an extensive layout of color photos that will help get the gears turning in many potential gardeners’ heads. Topics in the book include differences in strain types, general tools and equipment that will be utilized, potential plant health issues, lighting, room design options and so many more.
I must stress that this particular book contains tons of relevant information for beginning growers; however, it is not the most scientific in its approach to this information.  It is a tool that can be used as a jump-off point to get you headed in the right direction. It will not answer every question about every room/light/nutrient setup, nor every potential problem and simple solution that a grower will experience. I found the book to be a fairly quick and interesting read, and it actually left me feeling inspired to continue down the rabbit hole. Fortunately for us, Green Candy Press provided NUG with a secondary book option for those of you with a Short Circuit – Johnny 5 style appetite for input!
Cultivating Cannabis in the 21st Century
Here we have a seriously comprehensive resource for the modern grower written by C.K. Watson.  Mr. Watson left no stone uncovered when he sat down to catalogue the copious amounts of information that one must familiarize them self with when trying to become a master grower. One of the standout features in the book is quite honestly the amount of information presented on the topic of cultivation.
Rather than listing a series of general facts about marijuana and how its grown, it is really so much more in depth in its explanations of the what, why and how of cannabis cultivation. However, a word to the wise: if you have no prior gardening experience, then this book might prove to be a little overwhelming in its approach. There are a lot of facts and figures regarding the science behind cultivation, so familiarize yourself with some of the general terms and ideas that make it up. If you are not an analytical individual who enjoys saturating yourself in the science of what is happening in your grow room, then this book might be a little advanced. Concepts are explored in much more depth so that you, the grower, can understand why you’re doing what you are doing, rather than blindly following someone else’s instructions.  This book might not be as inspiring to a rookie as the one above, but it should be viewed as a reference guide for someone who has decided to take the leap into herbal development.
Cultivating Cannabis in the 21st Century is a deep exploration into concepts of security, lighting, hydroponics, veg and flower cycles, breeding, harvesting, curing and all the possibilities thereafter. C.K. Watson does a fantastic job at guiding readers through the art of growing the stickiest and providing us with valuable insight from his 20+ years of experience.  In my opinion, has a couple of gems in their hands that would be a great addition to just about anyone’s library. Upgrade your knowledge to the next degree, don’t hesitate, and get out there and start working on turning that thumb green. Visit for more information on these and other works, as well as getting your copy ordered and shipped today.

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