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By: Medicinal Michael Boris

I am Medicinal Mike, creator of the NugLife Radio Show. Month after month, I am truly moved by the passion and talent that underlies the San Diego culture. This is our medium to share those who may, otherwise, get overlooked. We are noticing you, San Diego.

Welcome to the NugLife column for NUG Magazine. We feature everything cool about living the NugLife! This month has been a month of change for NugLife and the rest of San Diego. The feds are cracking down on cooperatives with the dreaded “45 day letter;” and people around the world are protesting against the corrosive power of major banks and multinational corporations over the democratic process with the “Occupy” movements. The one thing you can always count on is that the NugLife Crew will always be having a great time no matter what they throw at us.

It seems like every year the holidays come sooner and sooner. At this start of the season, I was honored to meet the forever stoner, Kato Kailin, who you may remember from the infamous OJ Simpson case, or the more recent appearances on celebrity rehab. Kato isn’t a smoker of marijuana anymore, but he’s still a huge promoter for the right to smoke. He was quoted as saying, “I don’t play for the team anymore, but I still have the uniform.” Kato was the “every man’s stoner” of the ‘90s, with his instant notoriety from being a star witness in the OJ case; and now he’s performing stand-up comedy with very 420-friendly material all over California. He was nice enough to stay and join in on a smoke session that he wasn’t actually smoking in. Not weird at all, right?

The biggest and best highlight of my NugLife was performing and hosting stand-up comedy for the annual OC NORML fundraiser and getting to share the stage with Jimmy Dore. Jimmy is a performer and writer of the Marijuanalogs, a grassroots style comedy; and if you haven’t seen it, then you haven’t really heard all the funny that stoner comics have to offer. Jimmy can also be seen this month on Comedy Central, where he is headlining his own hour of comedy. Jimmy is a huge supporter of NUG Magazine and NugLife.

Last but not least is a special THANKS to Full Blown Stone, the current bong rip champions of the NugLife Radio Show. Full Blown Stone is a super group that lives in San Diego. They have one of the most original sound styles of any group to grace a stage. Full Blown Stone is, hands down, my pick for the next band to make it big out of San Diego. They are the winners of the NugLife Radio Show theme song contest, and they are singing for your right to smoke! Check out Full Blown Stone’s new album that is releasing this week!

Remember to tune in to or every Thursday night at 8:30pst for the newest, live episodes of NugLife, or anytime to hear the latest stoney episode.

Medicinal Mike says: Living your Life to the fullest, it’s the only true way to Live your Life at all.

bringing you that fire!

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