NugLife for NUG Mag

By Medicinal Michael Boris

It seems like the NUG family tree has grown to such a large and loving crew overnight. We are NugLife, the funny bone of the NUG Mag crew. We come to you live every week with a show you’d be proud to smoke a bowl with and invite in for a snack.

I am Medicinal Mike, along with Erik “The Joint” Martin, Tommy “The Roach” Lucero, and Matt Cook; we bring you celebrity smoke out interviews and audience interactive weed games you can play from home. Every month you can follow along with the proper rules and regs of living the NugLife. A special hint is if you’re reading NUG Magazine, you’re already on the right path.

Summer is almost winding down and we want our listeners and readers to relive some of this month’s greatest NugLife moments. We were blessed this month to have live in the studio, new artist with pipes of gold, Joose and his brother C-Money of Slightly Stoopid, and C-Money and the players club. He dominated the Kind Cookery in the Bong Rip Challenge. C-Money, after winning, exclaimed, “I give all my props to my trainer, Snoop Dog!” after he slammed down the NugLife Bong. C-Money had just returned from a Slightly Stoopid tour, opening for the godfather of rap, Snoop, and was giving the NugLife audience an earful.

This month, I was also honored to spend my birthday opening onstage for Chris “Kid” Reid of Kid ‘n Play, the House Party franchise, and Class Act. He is also a working, headlining stand-up comedian. I approached him at the bar to ask if he’d spare a few minutes to do an interview for NugLife. Now I expected to hear a stern “not interested” due to the undertones of a career in anti-marijuana entertainment, but surprisingly, he responded with a smile and a “we got over that a long time ago.” He even said he just smoked out on some Master Kush. I knew right then we were friends for “NUG” life. We promptly headed to the designated smoking area, puffed on some of my Lemon Haze, and laughed about his old haircut.

I’d also like to give an honorable mention to Winston’s OB comedy headliner, Jesse Egan, for truly living a NugLife and bringing joy to people as he does it. Jesse spends his days performing and promoting a safer medical marijuana world for all.

Medicinal Mike says: Of course you guessed exactly how much I smoked…..I took it from your bag!

bringing you that fire! stay tune for more posts.

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