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Written by: Medicinal Michael Boris
Photos by: Nick Compton

Happy Nug Year! This past year has been the most exciting year for NUG readers and smokers alike. 2012 is the year of “The Protest”. I don’t know about you guys, but I am sick and tired of hiding who I am and what I smoke. The dreaded and evil Bonnie Dumanis has not won her tirade against the medical marijuana community and we all made it to fight another fight this year. Bonnie does so much huffing and puffing that I am convinced she was a monster pot smoker in her former life; but nobody would smoke with her, so now, in this life, she is exacting her revenge on anybody who dares to have a smoke and a smile. Great job to everybody for supporting your local San Diego MMJ movement and showing anyone who dares to tread on your freedoms with their fat foot that you guys will take a toe!

Occupy San Diego, though not as strong in physical numbers, still limps on into the New Year to speak for all of us who can’t be out in the cold with them to speak for ourselves. If you see anybody speaking out against those who would hold one’s rights from them, whether you agree or not, you should still be thankful we live in a country where you can speak out.

This month in San Diego weed entertainment you can see the entire NugLife crew performing at the Madhouse Comedy Club in downtown SD. This last month on the NugLife Radio Show you watched Tommy “The Roach” Lucero challenge me to an eggnog drinking contest that ended with the both of us on the business end of a bucket. I also had my ass handed to me by Erik “The Joint” Martin in the 50 shots in 50 minutes. If you missed any of the nugtacular moments on the NugLife Radio Show last month, you can always watch the archives on or on

I don’t want to let you miss out on what was an incredible night of mixed martial arts action. Every stoner’s dream…right? Cage vs. Cons! I got invited to Los Angeles for a night on the town with all the blood my squeemish self could handle; so I threw my fearless photographer into the action, got myself a nice chili dog, and watched felons fight police officers. I recommend this show to anyone who likes action. Happy New Year Everyone!

Medicinal Mike says: Enjoy this life because sometimes a bird in hand just makes it harder to roll a blunt.

bringing you that fire! stay tune for more posts.

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