Nugmag is coming back! (Holiday Issue)

Hey NugMag readers ,


What a crazy year we have had! I want to be the first to let everyone know we will be printing the Nug Magazine for November – December issue. This is exciting news for anyone who has ever read Nug Magazine or supported us in any way. The magazine will be printed bi-monthly starting January 2014 and will be a free publication, ready to be picked up at various hub locations around San Diego. We plan to cover everything related to Medical Marijuana and our counter culture. Our goal is to be a cornerstone in the MMJ community as we have been in the past. Politics have negatively impacted the flow of information for too long. Feel free to comment on anything you would like us to report on. Thank you for supporting Nugmag and we appreciate all of our readers.




bringing you that fire! stay tune for more posts.

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