Obama/FEDs Cave to Patient Pressure on Safe Access!

By Freshman | hempbeach.tv

In a monumentally historic move made by the Obama Administration via comments from Attorney General Eric Holder, the Feds announced today that they would begin to work with Governors and State lawmakers in seeking a legal compromise that allows for State-sponsored medical cannabis dispensaries to be legal on the Federal level. Holder’s comments were brief and somewhat vague, but certainly hugely beneficial news for patients and safe access. Some confusion whether all dispensaries in a state with legalized medical cannabis would be tolerated, or whether only dispensaries in medical cannabis states with specific licensing / authorization provisions for dispensaries in their laws would be acceptable. Or perhaps even only State Owned facilities would allowed, or some other such condition, what’s clear however is that the the old line of zero tolerance and oppressive mass raids completely flying in the face of public will are set to give way to serious negotiation and debate!

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