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By: Tiffany Janay
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There’s a new herb shop in town; located in the heart of Ocean Beach. This is probably not the type of herb shop you’re thinking of or used to. Their sign reads “Happy Healthy Horny High Herbs”. Hmmm…what could they be selling in there? Marijuana is just one of the thousands of types of herbs that are grown for our enjoyment and well-being.  At their shop, they have numerous other herbs that have been proven to help people as well. Originally from Australia, Happy High Herbs is the second location of its kind in the United States with the other shop situated in Arizona. The vibe in their shop is super chill with knowledgeable and friendly staff. They have walls and shelves filled with an array of herbs that serve specific purposes. Some of these herbs help with memory loss, illness or disease, energy, and even sexual arousal. I spoke with Nicola Peel (who was visiting the store), who is the person that helped to open the very first Happy High Herbs in Australia years ago, about her unique business that diversifies the way we view herbs.

As an environmentalist that dedicates her life to protecting the spirit of Earth, she has spent a tremendous amount of time developing a personal connection with plant life. Her interpretation of plants is very special and fascinating. With herbs or plant life, there are different approaches you can take for using it to achieve different results.  Of course, most people are familiar with recreational and medicinal use, but originally there was shamanism. In the dictionary, a shaman is defined as: “a person regarded as having access to and influence in the world of good and evil spirits.  Typically, such people enter a trance state during a ritual and practice divination and healing.” Nicola has been able to experience shamanism first hand and has learned a lot as a result. It has changed her whole approach to using herbs. She says, “These shamans are in total communion with the plants. That’s how they know what the plants can do for us, because they tell us!  They spend weeks ingesting a particular plant so their whole spirit is taken over by it; they know what it’s all about. They say there will come a point when you don’t even have to take it. You can call on the spirit of it and it will give you the same effect. It’s good to know that’s a possibility…when you know what it feels like and you can call on it to be with you, even if you haven’t got it.”

You can mix the herbs in all different ways to achieve different results, like a cocktail.  For example, if you mix damiana with ganja, it is said that it can take away the paranoia effect. Everyone will have a different reaction, so try it out and see what reactions you get, and what experiences you like the best to make you feel good.

While a good Nug is certainly welcomed to enhance happy feelings, take the time to enlighten yourself to other herbs that make you feel just as good.

Are you familiar with smoking some good bud, when all of a sudden you start feeling aroused?  Or better yet, you start getting in the mood AND have someone right there with you to share those feelings with – have you ever noticed how GREAT that experience is?  It just feels incredibly good.  Damiana is an herb that can give you good sexual stimulation.


Smoking weed is fun, but not remembering what happened 5 minutes ago is not!  Of course, you could always stop smoking and heal your short-term memory loss, but if that’s not an option, then check out these herbs that can help clear the fog in your brain: Ginkgo Biloba, Brahmi, or Gotu Kola.  They also have these three herbs mixed for your benefit into a tea called “Smart N Up”.

Prescription pain killers are a bummer, but relieving pain is great. Weed is a great alternative for pain relief, but in case you want a few other options to relieve yourself, these herbs would be happy to help you: Mulungu, Kava, Mugwort, Valerian Root, or Kratom.

Commercial energy drinks and those bee pills you buy at the local gas station are dangerous and extremely unhealthy.  Sometimes we all need a little pick me up to keep the day rolling, or perhaps you’re going out partying and want to show off your best dance moves without getting tired. Well, these herbs would loVe to party with you and promise to keep the night exciting: Guarana, Kola nut, Suma, Yerba Mate.

Elecampane – can be used as a lung cleanser, which will enable better breathing and heal the lungs.  Also, good for the pancreas and strengthens digestion.

Kava Kava – good for relaxation and vivid dreams.  It relaxes the muscles, is a natural pain killer, improves photographic memory in small amounts (so for cramming) and is known to some as a sedative.

Passionflower & Mullien – great combo for weaning yourself off of a tobacco addiction.  Mullien is a good lung repairer; Passionflower is said to be a painkiller and it helps you sleep.

Calamus – It is known for many great things such as headache relief, asthma, and fighting fatigue.  But, the most important benefit to you may be its reputation for being the only herb that can detoxify the brain of cannabis residue. That’s a tip that can come in handy for all of us.

Colts Foot – Forget the shot for fighting any type of flu. Colts Foot is known for having the ability to kill any flu virus. It’s also good for relieving lung congestion.

“Once we’ve got our mind past the physical reality, you can see the potential we have of communion with nature to work together.”  Take the time to visit them and ask questions. Also, be sure to pick up their book: Happy High Herbs by Ray Thorpe, who is the Global Director and a true activist for our rights to access herbs.  It’s a great book of reference to “natural highs and addiction solutions”.

Happy High Herbs
4810 Santa Monica Ave.
Ocean Beach, CA 92107
(619) 677-2739

*The information in this article is not intended to prescribe, treat, or diagnose any medical problems. It is valuable to seek the advice of an alternative health care professional or herbalist before making any changes.

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