October 2010 Product Reviews

Now this is why I LOVE the product reviews! When I get a chance to try out a new product I have never seen before and it kicks ass! The crew from Y-9, a local San Diego company, sent us over some of their unique glass that is specifically made for concentrates, oils and extracts. Gone are the days of relying on metal or rock to act as a screen for your concentrates! This truly is a glass on glass product that allows you to enjoy your herb in the cleanest way possible! You place an appropriate amount of extract in the end of your pipe and you are ready to go.  It’s that easy!  A little bit will take you a long way when using a Y-9 piece. I HIGHLY recommend getting one of these unique pieces for your collection. They can be found all over town or on their website: www.y9glass.com

Local stores to find them:

Aztec Smoke Shop
5969 El Cajon Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92115
(619) 229-1285

PB Smoke Shop
705 Turquoise St.
San Diego, CA 92109
(858) 488-7473

The High Road
1465 Garnet Ave.
San Diego, CA 92109
(858) 273-7501

Prop. 19 T-Shirts
(Revolver Inc.)
I got an email from Revolver Inc, based here in San Diego, and they sent us out some Yes on 19 shirts. Sturdy construction with a great message; since this is the Prop. 19 issue I had to tell our readers about it. You can buy them online directly from their Facebook page! They offer 100% cotton and even organic cotton for the ladies, and they have a few designs to choose from. Showing everyone you will be supporting Prop. 19 is a great way to begin conversations with people who need a little education on the subject! Go get one!

Irie Nation
Another local San Diego company that reached out to us recently is Irie Nation. An apparel company that takes a stand against the collective conformity and brainwashing of Americans who were told that a plant is bad! How could the creator make anything bad?! Their bio describes their mission best: “Listen to the way others may view Irie Nation: Maybe to “them” It’s a clothing company for stoners. To us, it’s a unifying label to the reawakening of a gift that was brought by the creator.”  Check them out online and grab yourself some shirts and support their mission! The shirts are available at many local collectives as well as on their website.

Hemp-Eaze Tattoo Balm
Our friends over at Hemp-Eaze just started making a tattoo balm and I had to try it out! As well as being the Publisher of NUG, I am also a tattoo artist and was excited to hear that there was a hemp product for tattoo healing! I couldn’t write a real review without giving it a full run through, though, so lucky for me my wife agreed to finishing her ¼ sleeve and used the Hemp-Eaze tattoo balm for the healing process. I was amazed by the results! Her tattoo healed in a week and the best part was that the balm lasted all day! It took a ½ week off the normal healing time and really helped with the dryness and itching! Darcy Stoddard, the maker of Hemp-Eaze, also told me to try it on older tattoos as it made them come back to life and look new again and she was not kidding! Now the entire NUG staff is busting my balls to get more! You can purchase Hemp-Eaze tattoo balm or any of their other great products on their websites:

bringing you that fire! stay tune for more posts.

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