October 2011 NUG hits the streets of San Diego!

Welcome to another issue of NUG Magazine, San Diego’s Original Cannabis Publication!

It seems like last month flew by in the blink of an eye, and getting back in the groove of the school year schedule as a parent kicks my ass every year! Why can’t summer be longer?!?! Anyways, we are back in full swing over here at the NUG offices and are excited to bring you another great issue!

Our Chronisseur, the infamous Hopper, is of course reviewing some strains as usual, but was also under the needle getting tattooed by Pat Kim, the bassist for Unwritten Law and Sprung Monkey, while our contributing writer Pamela interviewed Pat about his new project Thousand Watt Stare!

Our other music coverage this month includes Three Legged Fox and Through the Roots.

Pamela also had time to interview another local attorney for her Legal Eyes column, this time talking with Lance Rogers.

Our artist profile this month is on Brad “SLAG” Sluder, written by Jed Sanders. Make sure to check out the article and his art at SLAGART.com.

We have heard and seen a bunch of rumors and press surrounding the new collective in El Cajon, Mother Earth Alternative Healing, so we sent two of our contributing writers, Pat Hegarty and Billy East, over there to get the scoop from the directors to hopefully shed some light on what they are all about.

We also have some great book reviews this month and a Q&A with Ed Rosenthal!

Aaron Evans brings us another installment of Perpetual Motion and talks with Josh Opdenaker, a.k.a. JOP. His work is literally amazing and sometimes disturbing!

Last but not least, Mel the Bumbling Gardener wraps up his yearlong column “To Grow or Not to Grow” in this issue.

So kick back and twist one up and enjoy the new issue…You keep reading them and we will keep knocking them out for you every month!

bringing you that fire! stay tune for more posts.

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