October 2011 Product Review

By: Ben G. Rowin

We were sent some samples of the Abscent bag for review this month. Abscent is a manufacturer of bags designed to absorb odors. They are based out of LA and put in three years of research and development prior to launching. The sizes we received were the “Banker,” which looks much like a bank bag. With ample space at 6” x 11”, this bag can hold enough stinky product to get you through a week on vacation. This is the one that I put to the test. I loaded one up and as soon as I zipped it up, all smells were contained. It worked great! All their bags are equipped with a proprietary inner liner and a water resistant nylon exterior. The materials used to make them remind me of the carbon filters used in grow rooms to contain smells. If the “Banker” is too small for what you are carrying, no worries; they offer other sizes as well, including the “Vendor,” which is a HUGE 28” x 24” bag that can fit a few pounds of the smelliest product you can find!

These bags are priced very reasonably for any budget and are available for both retail and wholesale. Check them out online at:


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